Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Social

It's SUNDAY Funday again!
Which means.....SUNDAY SOCIAL 

Here are this week's questions:
Home Improvement

This is probably my favorite show of all time.
How could you not love it?
I think it was so popular because it was so true to what families are like.
Things are crazy hectic
 A lot of men think they have the ability to fix anything
when in reality it usually turns into a complete F up.
Am I right?
{Thank goodness my husband is quite the handy man}

What happened to shows like these?
Shows that EVERYONE liked.
Shows that you always looked forward to watching.
Shows you could watch as a family.
Shows that lasted YEARS and not just one or two seasons.

Who could forget the most popular neighbor on TV...Wilson!

I know the show hid his identity, but I am revealing it to you all now.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the man behind the fence
(and everything else in sight)

Earl Hindman aka Wilson!

Other past favorite shows:
Full House
Saved by the Bell
Laguna Beach
The Hills
All things reality
Basically anything on E!, BRAVO or ABC

The Bachelorette / Bachelor / Bachelor Pad
Kendra / Kendra on Top
Giuliana & Bill
Keeping up with the Kardashians / Khloe and Lamar
Real Housewives of OC / Beverly Hills
Big Brother
Million Dollar Listing
Big Rich Texas

....and many more


There is no. freaking. way I would EVER do that show

On some remote island
No {good} food
No Diet Dr. Pepper
No shower
No razor
No makeup
No clothing
No Bed
No Bathroom

No Thank You!
If I was still single I would consider being a contestant on the Bachelor.....but seeing as how I am not, I am not going to go into detail as to why ;)

A Reality Show I would do would be:

Big Brother

Game Playing
More chances to win things/ money instead of only the grand prize
Crazy Costumes

I like to think that I am different than most the characters in the shows I watch...seeing has how most of them are so cray!

If I had to choose it would probably be Kim Kardashion. 
Yes we are completely different, but our personalities are a lot a like.
For one...I LOVE to shop, but definitely not on her level. {In my dreams}
She is at most times reserved...I am the same.
I tend to get emotionally involved in things...she wears her feelings on her shoulder.
I do things to try and make everyone happy...she seems to do the same. {On a much more extravagant level}
 I have a big crazy family....well it is obvious that they do too!

Currently I am #TeamSean on The Bachelorette.
There's just something about a sweet SOUTHERN Gentleman
If Emily doesn't pick him she is CRAZY
Whoever he ends up with will be one lucky girl

Dear ABC,
Please Make Sean Lowe the next Bachelor if Emily doesn't choose him.


  1. Wait, our love for E! and Bravo is the same!

  2. Love Tim Taylor :))

    Wish you a great Sunday!

  3. I said Home Improvement, too. You're right. It was true to what families are really like. I miss those type shows today.

  4. I am so excited that Big Brother is starting this week! It's always the highlight of my summer hahaha!

  5. Oh totally forgot about Home Improvement, that show used to crack me up! :)

    Stopping by from sunday social :)

  6. I forgot about Wilson! Ha! Loved that show!

  7. I forgot about Home Improvement! When we bought our house, my hubby was hoping we would have a neighbor like Wilson!

  8. Anything on bravo, e! Or style makes me happy! Lol

  9. love guliana and bill!


    happy sunday!

  10. SO excited for big brother to start next week

  11. Oh my goodness! Home Improvement! YESSSS. I would watch that show every week, in bed, with my mom and siblings. loved it!

    Happy Monday!

  12. i love how you put wilsons real life pic!! I think there was ONE episode where his face actually showed, i don't know if it was a mistake or on purpose... i wish i could find it!


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