Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I'm Loving This Week

Happy Wednesday Loves

I'm linking up with Jamie

My {current} nails

Currently wearing: Essie "Haute as Hello"
and White Chevron nail decals on my left and right ring finger

I saw these chevron nail designs on Jenna @ Yours Truly's
blog and instantly wanted to purchase different colors to add to my on going collection.
Get yours HERE

Adding this decal to your nail is simple!
1. Apply nail color and let dry
2. Apply decals as desired and trim sides with scissors if needed
3. Apply clear top coat

- Hair -

If you know me... you know I NEVER part my hair this way. 
It is a BIG change. 
Not like a drastic hair cut or color change.
But usually I have a big POOF going on. 
I look at this picture and thing - wow, my hair looks really flat!!
But, it is growing on me slowly.
What do you think?

Love it or lose it?

 Topshop Pointe Boyfriend Blazer found here

My {Current} Arm Party

Lately I've been into two-toned jewelry.
Well...let's be honest... I've been into a lot of different jewelry lately.
It doesn't help that I work in a high end jewelry store.
Ugh, like I said before...I love it but my husband and wallet don't.
If you ever see any jewelry on any of my posts that you like you can always contact me for more information or to purchase it.

 All the new followers, tweets and e-mails I've gotten about my giveaway.
I'm excited to share all of these things with you!!
 The giveaway ends Monday July 30th.
Have you entered?


  1. Oh girl1 I'm SO purchasing the nail decals!! What a fab idea! And you are just precious!!

  2. Love those nail decals and your jacket!

  3. your hair looks SO GOOD like that!!! seriously, gorge!

    and i love the chevron nail decals!

  4. Love the chevron touch and your hair looks really good that way!

  5. ok so im dying! love your new hair so pretty on you and your jewelry will be on my what im loving list lol so jealous!

  6. Love the chevron nail design! Obsessed! I love you and I hate you because I just spent $25 buying all the ones I loved! SO thank you?

  7. oh yeah... i'm at and I desperately want your chevron background! so cute!

  8. Genius move with those decals

  9. OMG - love your nails! That looks so dang cute! Thanks for dropping by my blog:)

  10. I LOVE your hair! I know how you feel about doing different styles but you gotta change it up every now and then :)

  11. Very cute blog!

    Found it on Friday Letters!

    Now following!


  12. Thanks for playing along!

    LOVE all your jewelry!


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