Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The voice that says YOU CAN'T DO IT is a lying slut

Last weekend, hubby went the the state bodybuilding competition to cheer on one of his good friends.  Brad has always been into working out and eating healthy, but I knew that him going to this competition would really get him in gear. As soon he got home Sunday- he said okay Amber, WE are starting a new diet. Clean meals, no preservatives, no condiments, no alcohol, no sweets, no eating out.
 Yada, yada, yada.

I said wait a second, did you just say WE? He said YES! Drink this and take these...and get dressed because we are going to the gym. 

Going to the gym on Sunday is something we do every week. However, this girl does not do the whole pre-workout drinks and I am lucky if I take my Flinstone's Chewable Vitamins.

I had so much energy in the gym, I literally started smelling like I was sweating blueberries. TMI?! I was also riding that spin bike like I was riding in the Olympics. HA! Anyways, I had a great workout. It makes me want to get back into working out like I was 5 years ago when I would spend 2+ hours in the gym 6 days a week. Granted this was before a full time job and a husband to tend to.

Hopefully this will give me more motivation to get back to being healthier.


  1. loved this post... ive never been a huge gym person- i would use my apartments gym for the elliptical and treadmill in college, but other than that... i hadn't ever paid for a membership. then the hubs and i joined a couple of months ago and have been going to spin class twice a week and LOVE it. i want to get into more classes and i really need to work on the drinking/eating side of it, but i already feel so much better!

    thanks for the motivation/inspiration this morning :)

  2. Hahaha I love the inspiration!! What did you drink that gave you that much energy?! I haven't gotten into the whole drinking protein or whatever before working out but if it works, I'll try it! Plus, I'd rather smell like blueberries than sweat. ha!

  3. I always thought pre-workout supplements were for guys and once I took one I became hooked!! They help me workout so much!!! Good luck to all your new changes!!

  4. Maybe I need to take my hubby to an event like that. I did get him to run a 5k with me a few months ago. I love working out - it's part of my everyday routine, but I don't do the preworkout drinks and such either. Keep us posted on how they work for you and share the love!


  5. strong is SO the new skinny. good luck with you and your hubby's new health kick!!! my hubs and i are starting to work out together again, too. we used to, and i LOVED it, but then he stopped working out with me, and i'm excited for him to join me again. it's way better with a partner!

  6. This is such an awesome blog!! SO glad I found you you look fabulous by the way! Thank you for the the thinspiration excited to be your NEWEST follower :). If you dont mind or have a chance stop by my blog I have one kinda similar to yours :).
    Ash @ ABpetite


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