Thursday, August 23, 2012

What my face costs

This ladies is the makeup I use every day.
I have seen this on quite a few blogs lately and I thought I would try to find out on average, what my face costs.
No we are not talking about all the other makeup items I have...and let me tell you, it is A LOT. No, we are not talking about the brushes. No, we are not talking about my 15 shades of lip products I carry in my purse. No, we are not talking about any cleanser or moisturizer.
Just my every day products.
Can we say high maintenance?
{My husband will not disagree}

Well, here it is... all $277 bucks of it.


  1. I have the naked 2 palette.... worth every penny!

  2. Wow--looks crazy when you lay it all out like that, ha! I just got the Naked 2 palette and I loooooove it, just like everyone else!

  3. I have to do this - but I am frightened to see the cost ahhh!!! I love the Naked 2 palette ... I used it every day! Nars blushes and bronzers are the best!

  4. Love reading these tags. Don't worry mine $$$ is up there too! :)

  5. Love this! I have turned into such a make-up snob! I am a huge fan of Smash Box, but I have been coveting a naked palette hard core. Is it worth it?!

  6. hahaha i've never thought of it like thatt - my face costs how much?! hmmm now I'm curious! love it

  7. Hahaha. Loveee the title of this post!!!

  8. I love this!! Oh my Lordie I would hate to know what my face costs! (Especially because I'm still an unemployed recent grad... yikes).

  9. I have the same mascara! I keep it in my work bag for touch ups! I have been dying to get the Naked 2 palette - the colors look amazing!

  10. What color is this mac lipstick? Is this an actual color you love? Looks pretty? And also what bronzer and blush!


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