Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm Writing Letters

Dear Readers....
Sorry for being MIA all week, I have been enjoying this little thing called life.

I have some fabulous new finds that I will be sharing with you soon.

Living in the Moment is ready for a face lift, please let me know who you recommend for a new blog design. Thankssss

Dear Hubby...
I am so glad you asked me to go out of town with you Tues-Thurs... any time you are working and I am shopping is never a bad idea. I am loving my newest additions to my fall wardrobe.

I know you got on to me last night about shopping online so much... just warning you now, there will be a few packages delivered today.

I hate that I have to work tomorrow, but I hope you have a FABULOUS birthday.

Dear Rachel... I am so glad to hear your MRI came back okay. I love you and just remember, everything is going to be okay.

Dear Bentley... I absolutely HATE leaving you at boarding when I go out of town. It just breaks my heart - if this is bad, I can't imagine what it will be like when I have a child. Although, dogs do not talk back.

Dear Brother in Law (Chad)... I am so excited about your new engagement, I wish you and Kristen the best.

Dear are the best. You really do WAY too much for me. I am so glad to be part of such a great family.

Dear Hair... You are in desperate need of a cut...sorry ends.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Motivational Monday - Change

As the seasons have officially changed from Summer to Fall, I have been thinking a lot about change.

I love how positive everyone has been lately.
We are getting excited about the "change" of the season.

 The weather is getting cooler. 
We are enjoying our time outside.
Our houses smell of "fall" scents.
We get to enjoy our favorite seasonal beverages.
We get excited about purchasing scarfs, over-sized sweatshirts, leggings and boots.

There are many ways to look at change.
Change can be both positive and negative.
People often do not like change.

We like to live a somewhat routine and structured life.

We know what  the day will bring.
We go to our job {weather we like it or not} 
We know what to expect.
We have the same "friends"
We often make the same things for dinner each week because it is easier than making a list when going to the grocery store and following a recipe. 
We simply get comfortable in our day to day routine.
People often want change in their life but they are fearful of the unknown.

You will never change your life until you change your routine.

By changing nothing, nothing changes.

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

If you only change one thing in your life....
Be the type of person you want to meet.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Fall...You officially start TOMORROW and I don't hate it. Thank you for bringing us fabulous weather, nice fragrances and all things warm, fuzzy and pumpkin. Dear Fall Shopping.... You have been so good to me. I even accidentally made a few purchases with PayPal & had to get refunded, I guess since I have PayPal credit that is a good excuse to buy something else. Dear Hubby... I know you mean well and all but when I show you a new shirt I bought & say I "needed it because I don't have many fall clothes" don't tell me that is what I say every year. Just say it's cute. Dear Terry (mother in law).... I love that you took me shopping last week after our football team got slaughtered lost. That is definitely a way to cheer this girl up. I also love that we love the same things & our little photo session when trying on boots. Dear Arkansas Football.... Please get it together, for the sake of the enjoyment of the rest of the season. I am a fan and will always be a fan, but going to the games is so much more fun when we win...or at least have a close game. Dear new custom pillows.... I hope to have you on my couch soon. This could also be dangerous because I know I will want to make more Dear Cousin.... I am SO excited you called me last night to let me know you are EXPECTING. I couldn't be more excited for you. I know you want to be pregnant at the same time with someone but it's not going to be me.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Believe In....

I believe in living in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it

I believe that the "little things" are the best things

I believe that good things come to those who wait

I believe in pampering yourself

I believe in working hard, but also having an occasional lazy day

I believe that good things happen to good people

I believe in supporting local businesses

I believe in karma

I believe in getting your beauty sleep

I believe in giving honest compliments to complete strangers

I believe in spending quality time with loved ones

I believe in miracles

I believe in manicures and pedicures

I believe in Santa and the spirit of Christmas

I believe that "just because" gifts are the best gifts

I believe in living in the moment

I believe in doing what you love

I believe in second chances

I believe that shopping the best stress reliever

I believe that laughter is the best medicine

I believe in all things girly

I believe in not taking things for granted

Monday, September 17, 2012

Motivational Monday

Never underestimate 
the STRENGTH of a woman
You can break down a woman temporarily, but a real woman will always pick up the pieces, rebuild herself, and come back stronger than ever.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hello Weekend

Dear Weekend... It is so nice to see you again. What is even better is that I am getting off work a little early today and having a girls weekend with the ladies in my husbands family. Since all the guys are getting ready for bow season starting tomorrow, the girls thought we would all get together....there is some serious pampering and football watching that will be going down this weekend. Dear Cooler Weather.... I am SO excited you are here. It has been in the low 80s all week and has been FABULOUS! I blame all my recent purchases on this wonderful weather. I have also been going on a few walks each day - it is just too nice to stay inside. Dear Fall.... Why won't you stay awhile. I just purchased the "leaves" candle from Bath and Body Works and it has gotten me all kinds of excited. I can't believe I haven't purchased it until now - you ladies have been holding back on me. Dear Fall Television Shows... Welcome back :) Dear Razorbacks.... I still love you. I hate that there are so many fair weather fans that claim to only watch you if you are winning. It is a shame. Sure last weekend was an absolute upset but that's the way it win some, you lose some.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting - Falling over Fall Fashion

To say I am excited about fall is an understatement
I have been pinning fall fashion looks like no other

If you do not follow me on Pinterest yet, you here

Here are some of my fav recent fall fashion pins 

A Blouse in EVERY color

A little stud detail 

 Blazer + skinnies 

 Infinity scarf

 The perfect pair of boots 

Oversized top + infinity scarf

 Red + Leopard {swoon}

Cute + comfortable 

A casual look.
P.S Do not order these Steve Madden flats - they are the most uncomfortable shoe I have ever tried on!
 You can bet I will wear this (minus the skull earrings..this girl doesn't do skulls)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Let's take a moment...

Let us take a moment to mourn the loss of Ryan Reynolds. He is off the market again. That's right.... this fine specimin of a man here is married once again.

Blake Lively you lucky bish!
You both make a pretty hott couple though might I add
Best of luck in your marriage. 

I can't wait to see pictures of your wedding day
Dress, shoes, hair style - I want to see it all!
We all know this bride was stunning {as always}

Monday, September 10, 2012

Motivational Monday

| Be grateful for this day  |

 Because something that you might take for granted is something someone else is praying for.



Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Favorites + Friday's Letters

{Favorite Pedicure Color}

I've honestly never been to another salon that carries this line of polish - however, Sation - Overdressed Party is the perfect shade for this football season. It just screams Razorback Red to me, which makes me a happy girl. 

Taking pictures of your toes doesn't exactly turn out the cutest, so here is a pic found online 

{Favorite New Lipstick}

I am starting to get a little more BOLD with things, this RED lipstick was completely out of my element but I love it!
MAC - Eden Rouge

{Favorite New Purchases}

I think it's safe to say I am coming down with a few fevers.
Fall & Razorback fever that is ... If I see anything red or leopard - it might get dangerous 

I must confess these aren't all the recent purchases. Hubby might be reading my blog and start to limit my purchases and we don't need that!

Dear Readers... As you can see from above - I wasn't lying when I said I have a love / hate relationship with boutiques. I think it is safe to say it is more "love" for me and "hate for my hubby".Dear Humidity... GO AWAY!! I'm so over you. Dear Cooler Weather... Please get here soon. These 100 degree + days are killing me. Dear USPS Mail Lady.... I find it extremely rude that you drive up to my garage and honk your horn numerous times until I walk outside to get my mail. Considering I had 3 packages from some of my favorite boutiques I can forgive you a little, but's rude. Dear Football Season... I am glad you are here.You make me happy. Unfortunately I work on Saturday, so instead of being in Little Rock and tailgating with everyone else in the state I will have to wait and enjoy the game from my couch. Dear Starbucks... Please build a location in town. I am seriously getting jealous of seeing everyones seasonal drink pictures.... this girl is craving you and the closest location being about 45 minutes away is redic! Dear Hubby... What is it with boys and their toys? I couldn't believe how happy you were Wednesday when you came home with your new lawn mower.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hubby and I no longer live in Fayetteville --- womp womp....but we enjoy getting to go back to visit often to see friends, family and of course go to the Razorback games.
This weekend was the season opener and it did not disappoint.

LOVED my new high low strapless dress and statement necklace. 
I always seem to make frequent purchases around football season 
- all things red / black / white of course -

As soon as I got to Fayetteville, I dropped hubby off to tailgate with some friends while I went SHOPPING! I just had to...y'all have no idea how deprived I've been. Obviously purchasing some "Razorback Red Lipstick" was on the you will notice in the next few pictures. Those of you who really know me, know I always wear a nude / light pink lip. This was a shock to not only me, but my friends and family. After a little shopping, I met up with some family and friends before picking up Brad before game time.

Sweet baby Sloan in her game day attire was just precious.

- Lipstick Color - 
MAC Redd Liner 
MAC Eden Rouge Lipstick

 Sweet Kate is at the age where she wants to do anything I do. I was re-applying my lipstick and she thought she had to have some. I let her put on a pink lip instead of the bright red - that would have been a disaster.  She got to wear MAC - Angel instead and loved it just as much.

Only game day pic with hubby - I need to invest in a good camera instead of just using the good ol' iPhone. Suggestions welcomed. 

Apparently the stadium has a new handbag size policy now so I can basically only carry in a small clutch. This girl doesn't do small purses. LAME!

The next day I got to spend some quality time with my little sister and then got to see my best friend and meet her sweet baby boy, Ethan! I think I'm in love.

And let the "When are you and Brad going to have kids" questions get even worse now....
We've been married 5 months people.


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