Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Fall...You officially start TOMORROW and I don't hate it. Thank you for bringing us fabulous weather, nice fragrances and all things warm, fuzzy and pumpkin. Dear Fall Shopping.... You have been so good to me. I even accidentally made a few purchases with PayPal & had to get refunded, I guess since I have PayPal credit that is a good excuse to buy something else. Dear Hubby... I know you mean well and all but when I show you a new shirt I bought & say I "needed it because I don't have many fall clothes" don't tell me that is what I say every year. Just say it's cute. Dear Terry (mother in law).... I love that you took me shopping last week after our football team got slaughtered lost. That is definitely a way to cheer this girl up. I also love that we love the same things & our little photo session when trying on boots. Dear Arkansas Football.... Please get it together, for the sake of the enjoyment of the rest of the season. I am a fan and will always be a fan, but going to the games is so much more fun when we win...or at least have a close game. Dear new custom pillows.... I hope to have you on my couch soon. This could also be dangerous because I know I will want to make more Dear Cousin.... I am SO excited you called me last night to let me know you are EXPECTING. I couldn't be more excited for you. I know you want to be pregnant at the same time with someone but it's not going to be me.


  1. found you on the link-up
    and totally agree with the hubby statement. He doesn't understand that when I say I have nothing to wear, I am really telling the truth. Just because my closet is full, that doesn't mean ANYTHING!
    and custom pillows! Please share when they arrive that sounds awesome!

    have a great weekend!

  2. Men don't understand our need to have fabulous {new} outfits for every season... it's a shame ;)

  3. I'm with you on the Razorbacks needing to get it together. Like you, I will always be a fan but they need to at least act like they showed up to play. Is that too much to ask?!

    Happy Friday!!

  4. Haha my husband would say the EXACT same thing. Pretty sure he's going to once that package from Forever 21 comes in the mail... Oops! ;)

  5. My hubs would say the same thing!! I just say I wore last years clothes so much (and got my moneys worth!) that I need new ones this year, ha!

  6. I get so exhausted having to hide my purchases from Jim and then when I wear it he will always say I love your NEW outfit! I just say, this is not new, I have worn it before you just don't pay attention. heehee Being a wife is hard work! I am so ready for fall, too!


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