Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting - Falling over Fall Fashion

To say I am excited about fall is an understatement
I have been pinning fall fashion looks like no other

If you do not follow me on Pinterest yet, you here

Here are some of my fav recent fall fashion pins 

A Blouse in EVERY color

A little stud detail 

 Blazer + skinnies 

 Infinity scarf

 The perfect pair of boots 

Oversized top + infinity scarf

 Red + Leopard {swoon}

Cute + comfortable 

A casual look.
P.S Do not order these Steve Madden flats - they are the most uncomfortable shoe I have ever tried on!
 You can bet I will wear this (minus the skull earrings..this girl doesn't do skulls)


  1. I love all your pins!! WHY was I not following you??? Fixed that! :)

  2. OH my gosh I must follow you. These are amazing!

  3. i love that sweater with the shoulder stud details! fantastic find!

    happy wednesday!! :)

    xoxo, sarah grace

  4. infinity scarves are the main thing i look forward to when fall arrives!!!

  5. I think if our Pinterest closets were real, we would have the same one! Love every single one of these and have pinned some of them myself! I can't wait for fall fashion!

  6. I'm soooo looking forward to fall too! Leopard print here I come!

  7. I am obsessed with leopard and red!!!! Awesome pins!!

    Happy Wednesday!!!

  8. I love infinity scarves to infinity and beyond!

  9. Love the studded sweater! I just bought a pair of flats with studs. Glad they are still in this season.

  10. i love all of these! the studded sweater is my favorite!

  11. I love Fall Fashion!! It is my favorite!! New Follower from The Vintage Apple Link Up!! Would love for you to stop by and say hi!


  12. I am definitely falling in love with all of your pins, and am going to double check to see if I am following you or not :D

  13. Love love love the red & Lepoard look!! May need to copy this

  14. Love the Idea of a Blouse in Every Colour! :)

    Have a nice day ,kisses

  15. Cute pins! I know, I have been pinning like crazy too!



  16. Oh WOW, those blouses are gorg!

  17. Love all of these, will definitely be wearing red and leopard print together in the future!! X

  18. love all the leopard...and the blazer with skinnies! Always a staple piece.

    xo-ashley @

  19. i cant wait for cooler weather so i can wear boots, scarves, blazer and look all cute and fall-ish! and definitely a blouse in every color is a must

  20. I love that studded sweater! Do you know where it is from?


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