Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hubby and I no longer live in Fayetteville --- womp womp....but we enjoy getting to go back to visit often to see friends, family and of course go to the Razorback games.
This weekend was the season opener and it did not disappoint.

LOVED my new high low strapless dress and statement necklace. 
I always seem to make frequent purchases around football season 
- all things red / black / white of course -

As soon as I got to Fayetteville, I dropped hubby off to tailgate with some friends while I went SHOPPING! I just had to...y'all have no idea how deprived I've been. Obviously purchasing some "Razorback Red Lipstick" was on the you will notice in the next few pictures. Those of you who really know me, know I always wear a nude / light pink lip. This was a shock to not only me, but my friends and family. After a little shopping, I met up with some family and friends before picking up Brad before game time.

Sweet baby Sloan in her game day attire was just precious.

- Lipstick Color - 
MAC Redd Liner 
MAC Eden Rouge Lipstick

 Sweet Kate is at the age where she wants to do anything I do. I was re-applying my lipstick and she thought she had to have some. I let her put on a pink lip instead of the bright red - that would have been a disaster.  She got to wear MAC - Angel instead and loved it just as much.

Only game day pic with hubby - I need to invest in a good camera instead of just using the good ol' iPhone. Suggestions welcomed. 

Apparently the stadium has a new handbag size policy now so I can basically only carry in a small clutch. This girl doesn't do small purses. LAME!

The next day I got to spend some quality time with my little sister and then got to see my best friend and meet her sweet baby boy, Ethan! I think I'm in love.

And let the "When are you and Brad going to have kids" questions get even worse now....
We've been married 5 months people.


  1. I have an awesome little point and shoot I got for my birthday last year! Takes great pictures, remind me to text you the model!

  2. That hi-low dress is so cute - I love it!

  3. Love the hi-low skirt, very cute! That necklace is great too!

  4. You look amazing in all these photos are the red lips are perfect! I always wear nude/light pink and had yet to venture into the realm of something more may have just inspired me to be a bit more adventurous :)

  5. you wear red lipstick well! I look like a mess in it!

  6. Looooove the dress!! Yay for football season!!

  7. Cute post!

    Your house is decorated so cute! You should take some pics and tell us about your decorating style!




  8. Cute Post :)
    Love the black-white Dress!


  9. Love the black and white outfit gorgeous. Do not know how I'd only cope with having a small clutch bag, I basically take a bucket bag everywhere!
    I'm now following you :)

  10. Love your dress & your foyer- come decorate my house for me please?


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