Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I'm linking up with Jenn today for INTSTALATELY.
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My "other job" - Making wreaths.
I text my husband this picture and his reply was how much $$$ did you spend?!
Don't worry...he isn't upset about it now
This girl NEEDS a craft room!

Was tagged by Jenn in a #widn post... what else.... making wreaths!
I have the best helper :) 
Milk does the body good 
Sweetest little cuddle buddy around
My mother in law was in tears when she saw her birthday present. 
 New outfit - hollllla

Girls night out. My boss is gettin' down!

Get it girrrrl 

My husband & his big bro used to be sweet. Loving this picture

My sweet new niece born 10/30/12
Can't wait to meet this precious baby girl 


I just ordered my Christmas Cards from
If you haven't seen their holiday cards yet go check them out, they are soooo cute! 
Use these codes to save!!

 FREESHIP12 : Free standard shipping on your order. Excludes: greeting cards, photo books, calendars, gift certificates.  - $9.95 value
10OCT :  10% off your order. Excludes photo books, calendars and gift certificates.
You're welcome :)


  1. Great post! You need to teach me how to make wreaths! SO cute!

  2. Found ya on Instagram! (@dayna_leigh) Those wreaths look fabulous!!

  3. That wreath looks awesome!
    Love doggy cuddle buddies :)

  4. Your boss = adorable.

    See also: need a wreath.

  5. oooh um tell your hubby that you need a craft room asap!
    i love making wreaths, too. it really does put ya in the holiday spirit!

  6. LOVE those stripes! Your MIL is a doll!!! AND... don't get that Christmas decor out - I don't know how to decorate so I am going to look like a WIFE failure when everyone finds out I can't do the whole "deck the house out in Christmas" thing!

  7. LOVED ALL THAT GLITTER IN CRAFT SUPPLIES! I, too, need a craft room...and more hours in the day to complete all my crafts! Crazy, I know. Could your MIL be any cuter?!

  8. All those wreath supplies look beautiful! And your new outfit is adorable!

  9. Those wreaths are PERFECT! And don't worry, this girl does have a craft room and it is a Hot mess. Always get distracted by a new project and can't seem to keep it clean.

  10. Thanks so much for linking up girlie! I love following you on instagram!
    and I love your owl wreath

  11. aww your niece.

    Your outfit is so, so, so, sooo nice!! Did I make that clear enough? :)

  12. LOVE the outfit.... Black & white is my favorite:)


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