Thursday, October 18, 2012

Let's Talk Hair


Recently I was contacted by Brian from Misikko about reviewing the Hana Professional 1" flat iron.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect because I have been researching which flat iron to try next.


Wow - this was so much more than I expected! How cute was all of this? Not only did I receive the 1" Hana Pro Straight Iron, but many more beauty products to try. 

Product Facts & Features:


 When I want to wear my hair straight, my hair literally takes me 10 minutes including blow drying. Although my hair is naturally pretty straight, I feel like I need a straightener to smooth out some of the frizz. I was amazed at how smooth this product made my hair feel after using it without the need of added products.


Smooth sexy hair


Since my hair is naturally straight, I love to curl my hair but I want to achieve curls fast!

I have only tried this product to curl my hair once and found it was both fast and easy to use. The only thing I would change would be the angled cord at the end of the iron. I found it to sometimes get in my way when trying to create curls.

OVERALL: It's a great flat iron to have! I love that there is adjustable heat so there is not unnecessary damage to your hair. It smooths, seals and straightens with ease. Not only you can use it to straighten your hair, it also creates sexy curls. If you are in the market for a new straightener, I would definitely try out this product. 

Other items available:


  1. Wow how awesome!!! I love your curled waves with it too!! Nice job!!

  2. That's awesome you got to review a straightener! I have yet to master curling with a straightener... :/

  3. Your hair looks amazing - straight and curly! I still haven't figured out how to curl my hair with a flat iron, but you make me want to try!

  4. I have naturally straight straight hair also - I've noticed that when I use the straightener to curl my hair, the curls stay forever!

  5. What a great flat iron and your hair just looks amazing! That's pretty cool that they added a bunch of fun products for you to try as well. :)

  6. Love how cute everything came all packed up!! And your hair looks AMAZING.


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