Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm no fashion blogger...but....

Wearing Brown & Black together used to be one of those things I didn't do... until I fell in love with leopard that is. Now let's make this clear, I am no fashion blogger or fashion expert but I do on occasion post non-professional a.k.a iPhone pictures of the outfits I wear.
So let's talk about how to wear black and brown together.
Think leopard!
When you are deciding on how to wear the two colors together, think about your favorite leopard accessory.  After all, leopard is the new black. 
Camel is a great shade of "brown" to wear with black.
A camel top with a black scarf and/or boots looks fab.
Wear a print that has black + brown in it and pair it with black pants / accessories. Don't go overboard and mix patterns.
Here is a brown and black outfit I happened to wear this week
Here are some cute brown and black outfits I found via pinterest.




I hope you feel like you can rock the brown + black look now and feel a little more confident.


  1. I am wearing brown and black right now (with a touch of mustard - the color not the condiment). :) I like it together! I am loving your outfit with the polka dot sweater and the outfit with the leopard!

  2. Adorable clothing picks! I can't decide which one I love the most!



  3. I just bought a leopard print shirt like that and I'm having trouble finding something to wear with it. Any suggestions?? :-)

  4. Love all of these! So cute!!

  5. I am just in love with that first outfit you posted. Black and brown can look so great together when done correctly

  6. Hi Amber! Super cute outfits! Love your brown and black polka dot sweater!

  7. Adorable! Love your style! If ya get a minute I am having a dilemma on what to wear for maternity pictures, and have a post up now with options. If you get a chance to swing by I would LOVE some opinions :)

  8. those are all great combos of blk/brown!!

  9. loooove the black and brown. throw in some pink and its perfection!! :)


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