Wednesday, November 21, 2012


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  • You are basically seeing the contents of my attic in my living room a.k.a my Christmas decor....unfortunaltely there is more!
  • My FAVORITE Christmas movie. It is a tradition for me to watch this when putting up my tree
  • Yes, this IS happening

  • Santa Wreath
  • Angel Wreath
  • Candy Cane Wreath
My gorgeous tree! I LOVE it when it is so stuffed I can't see the makes me happy, happy, happy

  • Yes, this is also happening
  • Smiling is my favorite
  • Found this picture online, where can I get this?!
  • Bentley watching his momma make wreaths
  • He is making sure there is nothing outside to come and get us
  • What's all this sparkly stuff mom?
  • Razorback Christmas
  • My hobby lobby carts... successful trip!
  • Barely had room!

  • Mamaw and my mother in law making homemade fried apple pies while I am putting up my MILs tree
  • This right here...was amazing
  • My mother in laws tree

  • Merry Christmas to me {early} from myself. My diamond cross bracelet is finished!!LOOOOOVE


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