Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What every girl needs in her stocking

I couldn't think of a better stocking stuffer idea to share with you. This my friends is my magic wand. The hair gods knew what they were doing when they invented this little tool. I get many compliments on the volume I achieve and questions on what I use to get my poof. Well ladies, here you have it. This new tool is called Teez with Eez. It's name could not be a better fit. With 1-3 back combs, it leaves your hair with the perfect poof in seconds. One stroke is like multiple strokes with the design of this tool. I just found out they made a travel size that is perfect for your purse. How perfect!! This ladies is a MUST BUY!


  1. Ahh, great idea, I need this!!

  2. Love it. Need it. Where can you get it?

  3. That does look like a good stocking stuffer! Can you only buy them online??

  4. Interesting, I'll have to check it out :)


  5. I'm going to check this out. I need a good comb that doesn't snag my hair!


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