Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Things

December 12, 2012

 Of course we have heard all the talk about the Mayans and how the Mayan calendar speaks of this time as the end of time as we know it. You turn on the TV and certain channels have had those "doomsday preppers" shows on constantly that are preparing for the end of civilization. Well... it is another day here in the Natural State. 
 Nothing exciting going on here today, so I thought I would share with you 12 things just because.
1.) I am not attending a wedding today. Congratulations to the thousands of people who are getting  married on 12/12/12 at 12:12. You and every other couple today are very original.  At least it will be easy for your husband to remember your anniversary. 

2.) After today, I do not have another day off work until Dec 23rd! Then I have to work on Christmas Eve :( It's the holiday season.... in retail. All I've got to say as you men better come buy some big diamonds and make it worth my time. I can think of so many other things I would love to be doing. Like watching ELF for the 20th time and actually getting to try out some of these Pinterest crafts I've pinned.

3.) If I am a little MIA on blogger, Instagram or Twitter in the next two weeks, please refer back to #2.

4.) I am considering buying an Elf on the Shelf after seeing how all of you move yours around each night for your children. Whoever came up with that idea was brilliant.

5.) Hubby and I watched the Adam Sandler movie "That's My Boy" last night and I thought it was hilarious!! I love a good laugh and this is one that I could actually watch again.

6.) Dear Santa, I've been very good this year

7.) I could buy so much more Christmas Decor but hubby doesn't want me to... He just doesn't get it. Of course I get (most) of it on sale. I think I'll go the day after Christmas and snag some stuff! 
8.) I'm obsessed with my new Blake Shelton Christmas CD!

9.) My husband is in BIG trouble when he gets home. He has this habit of deleting the shows I DVR that I save to watch on my days off... went to watch a few shows I was looking forward to today and they were GONE

10.) I am glad the weather in Arkansas finally got out of the was perfect weather but it didn't exactly feel like it was Christmas time. The first time I pulled out a coat was yesterday!

11.) After Christmas I NEED to get back to my old work out routine. Thank goodness I haven't gained weight, but I just love the feeling of a good work out!

12.) Dear Santa, have I mentioned I was very good this year?


  1. LOVE this. I swear, random posts are pretty much the best posts ever. And I totally get the DVR thing--my boyfriend deleted some of my shows, and I almost had a fit. NOT OKAY. Hope your busy days of work go by quickly!

  2. Retail sucks from now till Dec 24, really.
    Also, Christmas music? Over it. OVERRRRR it.

    haha, good post.

  3. I'm sorry you don't have another day off till the 23rd. That stinks! I agree with you too, after the holidays, I NEED to start working out again!

  4. I didn't realize that it was 12-12-12 until halfway through work this morning.. then was bummed that I didn't do a cool blog post on it haha! Dang that sucks that you are working so much, but at least the paycheck will be good! I am working Christmas Eve too, boo.

  5. haha love this post. especially wisconsin today it is Aaron Rodgers Day, and basically the entire state is rocking green and gold today. what a holiday....seriously. haha :)

  6. haha not a fan on the 12-12-12 weddings :/


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