Thursday, December 13, 2012

Booty booty booty

This year, I am loving booties! I have always loved boots even though it is sometimes hard to find ones that fit me right. Damn you big calves. Why can't they make boots for NORMAL women. I mean really... I am no size 0 but is it too much to ask? This is where booties have become my friend. Booties are just short boots.  Flat, platformed or heeled they come in all varieties. The best part about them is that they are versatile enough to wear them with just about anything.  Booties can be made to look dressy or casual. This style has definitely been a staple for me this season, especially at work when I can't be as casual. Haven't tried booties yet? Give it a try, they come in all price ranges and have quickly become some of my favorites.   


  1. I LOVE booties! They are so so cute. And so good when you live somewhere that doesn't get super cold. I have to restrain myself from buying them all the time haha

    It's pathetic

  2. I'm a bootie fan as well! I just feel like they are way more versatile! I'm not really into the tucking the jeans into the boots since I'm 5'3 and it makes me look odd, so booties just work for me =)


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