Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Overload

Heeeeeeey Sexy Ladies!
It's Wednesday, which means I am sharing with you a few of my Instagram pictures.
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A few steps of me making my outdoor garland.
This is a total of 6 garlands. I didn't want one really narrow because I knew I wanted to add a lot to it. I found these pre-lit garlands at Hobby Lobby on sale for $10 a piece. Then I layed it out on my floor so I could see how it would be on my door. I added the deco mesh, ribbon and then ornaments. 
Once I hung the garland (had to use screws in the mortar because my brick clips wouldn't work) I added the flowers and picks at the top. I went back and added a little more but didn't get a get the idea :)

 It is even more pretty during the day!!

My mantle Garland. I'm obsessed with this one. I just love how the ornaments are a few of my favorites that are also on my tree. I have been considering changing the mesh to red to match my tree better but I'm not sure.. thoughts?

Lazy evenings
I can't believe it has already been 5 years. Time goes so fast.

   Red Lips aren't the norm for me, but I was feeling fierce.
The color is Mac - Eden Rouge 

Excited about Blake Shelton's new Christmas CD

My mother in law surprised me with Michael Buble's Christmas CD last week, so when I
 went to buy Blake Shelton's CD, I got one for her too.

Some people might not care, but I was excited!

Blake Shelton's Christmas special made me happy. It was so funny...and I LOVE that song he sang with Miranda at the end of the show, even though she was drunk it was still good. 
One more Christmas Wreath! 


  1. Your house is gorgeous--absolutely beautiful! And I am obsessed with those gold-dot PJs from target. Like, I need a pair ASAP. So cute!

  2. your christmas decorations are beautiful, amber! i just loveee your door!

  3. I lurrrve your garland! Love all your decor.

  4. omg i love your decorations! we have very similar taste :)
    the last wreath is my favorite.

  5. Everything looks SO great!!!!

  6. I just love your photos! And you decorate so beautifully!
    That photo of your door garland during the day is dreamy - love it!
    Thanks for linking up each week!

  7. That is GORGEOUS! I so want the Micheal Buble Christmas CD!!

  8. your entry way looks amazing!!!!! and what a sweet MIL!!

  9. Your decorations are AMAZING. Like, are you from the North Pole or something? ;) But seriously they are so good. Come decorate my house, woman! :)

  10. Loooooove that garland around your door--amazing!

  11. LOVE your decorations! I'm also excited for the royal baby! Blake and Michael's new version of Home is AMAZING.

  12. I love Michael Buble's new Christmas CD! It is amazing.
    Also , Blake's tv special the other night was hilarious.
    Cute blog! You are adorable.

  13. Wow. That's all that I can say. Can you come to my place?? :)

  14. Over from Friday's Letters. Can you come decorate my house and make me garlands too? Holy fabulous!

  15. Your Christmas d├ęcor is INSANE! Soooo gorg! LOVE it!


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