Friday, December 14, 2012


Dear Mariah.... No one can sing this song quite like you. It has always been one of my holiday favorites. I hope you all enjoy the song as you read the rest of my letters today. Dear Friday... Is that you? I can't even keep up with my days of the week anymore. Probably because I pretty much work M-Sun now that it is Christmas time. I feel like I get home, go to bed and it's back to work again. I see a vacation needed in my near future. Dear Shopping.... why do you have to be so far away from where I live. Yes, I am an avid online shopper now but when it takes me 45 minutes to get to somewhere decent it makes it hard for the times I need to pick something up quickly. #smalltownproblems. Dear Hubby.... I have absolutely loved my Acura since you bought it for me, but those new Jeep Grande Cherokees sure do look pretty when I pass them on the road. I'm thinking we need to go car shopping soon. birthday is next month! Dear Chiropractor... You worked wonders on me the other day. THANK YOU! Dear Self... You need to buy some bigger frames to hang/sit some of our gorgeous wedding photos. You also need to buy a wedding photo album. 


  1. I keep confusing the days too. I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday. WRONG! Worst feeling in the morning is thinking it's the weekend only to realize it's not haha

  2. I sure do love those Jeep Grande Cherokees too! Always have! Just wish I could afford one!

  3. yes, go jeeps! i actually drive a 4 door jeep wrangler which i LOVE but the cherokees are nice, too!
    new to your blog and i am now following! looking forward to future posts

  4. Um, ok, best. Christmas. song. ever. And just a head's up to you, my online-shopping-dependant friend, monday the 17th is FREE shipping day!! ;)


  5. Great letters! I love the new Grand Cherokees - I've owned three so far! Obviously not new ones haha. I definitely wouldn't mind getting a brand spankin' new one though.

  6. Love your blog. And nice way to drop a hint about the jeep. They are pretty have to agree with you on that. And the christmas song has now put me in the mood. Thank you I thought i lost the christmas spirit =]


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