Monday, December 31, 2012

Motivational Monday: New Year Encouragement

 Happy NYE everyone! I am sure we all have that New Year Resolution we didn’t achieve this year. Maybe that goal is one we are  now determined to do in the upcoming year. With the new year among us, I know most of you already have your "resolutions" in mind for what you want to achieve. Maybe it is the same one that you have had in years past. Or a new one you are striving to overcome. Stop waiting for the “perfect” timing, nothing is perfect, the timing will never seem perfect for you. Refuse to let your procrastination take over your life. If you have something on your list to accomplish, JUST DO IT. Don’t let next year be another year where you are sitting on your goals and plans, get started today! With each New Year brings new hopes and new opportunities. We are blessed to simply wake up each day... take this day to get it right.



  1. Love that Oprah quote!

    Happy New Year,


  2. I love that Oprah quote!
    I hope you have a very happy New Year!!

  3. What a great encouragement!
    Thank you!

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