Monday, December 10, 2012

Smiling's My Favorite

It's the holiday season!
As Christmas is fast approaching, everywhere you look there is Christmas cheer. All the shopping centers are beautifully decorated with lights, garlands and wreaths. Our favorite movies are on each night. We get to enjoy our favorite seasonal beverages and Christmas songs. We get excited to come home to a beautifully decorated tree and all the pretty pretty presents perfectly wrapped beneath it. We are trying new Pinterest crafts and recipes. We keep up with our friends, families and how everyone places their Elf on the Shelf each night as their children are sleeping.  It is an exciting time of year. But with all that excitement also comes a little stress. I sometimes find myself getting caught up in things that can be a little overwhelming. I am working more days and longer hours and sometimes it can just be tiring. I still want to make sure I am able to spend time with my friends and family and do the things I want to do that truly make me happy this time of year. When this happens, I think about one of my favorite Christmas movies and just SMILE. It's amazing how that can change your mood.


  1. looove elf, and love this post! So true about the Christmas spirit. :)

  2. Awesome reminder! Love this movie!


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