Wednesday, January 30, 2013

That time I got naked... At work

I never thought I would ever say this.
It is not one of those things you typically hear. Getting naked at work. What?!
I know what you are thinking......
But if you had a private upstairs room at work and a massage therapist to come to your location, you might give it a try too.
Needless to say I enjoyed every minute of it and will likely schedule it again. 
I wish the days at work were always this relaxing!

As soon as I finished with my massage I text my hubby.
Me: I just got a massage :)
Never thought I'd get naked at work!
Hubby: NAKED?!?!
Me: Yes, when you get a massage you're naked. They cover you with blankets
Hubby: Oh. Gay
Me: I loved every second of it!!
Hubby: Good
I desperately needed a massage. 
You would think my hubby would just love to give them to me but unfortunately he does not like being touched like that so he doesn't understand how much  or why I like it. His idea of giving me a massage is a quick rub and a few taps that last all of 5 seconds. I told him I could save him a lot of money if he started giving them to me. In the past I was definitely spoiled by a previous boyfriend in the massage department. *sigh*  I guess unless hubby changes his ways I will be paying money for someone to violate massage me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 When we tune in to watch The Bachelor, it is always a given to see the front man many times without his shirt. The opening segments of this season have been pretty predictable. Sean working out or showering. This time, hubby happened to walk in and see Sean in his boxer-briefs. He immediately said WTF is this show coming to? 

Again... I didn't mind.
Moving on to the dates....
Let's turn up the heat 

Selma is anxious and excited about her date with Sean. She is curious as to what they will be doing as they pull up to a private jet with a red carpet leading the way. As they are arriving at her destination, she notices she is in the middle of the desert and immediately says great - take an Iraqi to the desert. I don't know about you, but did she seem whiny to anyone else? It was constantly one thing after another - the desert, heat, heights, rock climbing, dating, her mother, etc. etc. etc. I thought it was nice that she accomplished her fear of heights and enjoyed the date after she reached the top. Later that evening, Sean took her to a trailer park {classy} and they sit outside and talk about how they wish they could kiss but her culture doesn't allow those kinds of things - or something like that - and she could only kiss him if she was the last girl he chose. News flash - I doubt he will keep you around that long if he can't kiss you. He seemed to enjoy her company, however, and gave her a rose.
  Group Date
Lindsey, Robin, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, Ashley, Sarah and Tierra
I'm looking for a woman who can roll with the punches. 

These ladies are in for a treat when they get all strapped into their roller derby gear. Tierra is ready to pounce on some bitches. Sarah is feeling overwhelmed and physically at a disadvantage. Amanda lies and tells everyone she has done this before then falls and busts her face and has to go to the hospital. Sean calls off the competition and they stroll around the rink a few times then get ready for the evening part of the date. The evening date gets heated when Tierra gets all emotional and is threatening to go home. She finds Sean and talks with him about how she doesn't like drama {even though she is the cause if it} and he talks her in to staying. The other girls are floored when Sean gives Tierra a rose to get her to stay. 

It was a Tierra-ble night for everyone but Tierra.
Leslie H.
Could this be forever? 
Leslie was also handed a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings with her date card. This set the tone for how glamorous the evening was going to be. He took her out in a fancy sports car, shopping where she tried on all kinds of fancy dresses until she found one that was fitting. They then visited Neil Lane to select the perfect necklace to complete the look of her outfit. 
She gets a dress, shoes, a bag and jewelry. So she has to return the necklace, but she can keep everything else, including the earrings. They have a nice dinner, good conversation, but Sean wasn't feeling a romantic connection with her. He ended up sending her home and not continuing the rest of the evening. 
Cocktail Party + Rose Ceremony
Lots of the same stuff as always - she always get's time with him, kissing, more kissing, a little bickering, then there is Tierra, Robin tries to turn on Sean about tasting her chocolate, he really hits it off with Catherine
Amanda is sent home.
Not surprised....she was a little weird to me. It was just something about her. 
Not. for.him

Monday, January 28, 2013

Motivational Monday - Grown Up Realization

 Rainy days and Mondays often get you down. 
 The weekend is over. Your alarm has gone off more than 3 times. It is time to get up and go to work again but it's cold and rainy and quite frankly the warm blankets and dark room sound so much better than getting up to face the day. 
You know those days when you wake up and you just feel discouraged? Those days you just don't want to go to work but you go through the day and go through the motions. Those days that you find yourself doubting why some things are the way they are. Those days that it is already dark when you get home from work and all you want to do is change into your yoga pants and cuddle up under your favorite blanket of the couch with your dog and your husband.

Those days....
I have them. Often.
 It is easy for me to sometimes get discouraged. 
To take things for granted. 
To go through the motions each day because I have fallen into a routine. 

 I have had a "grown-up" realization.

As hard and disappointing as life can be, it is still a gift. 
I am blessed. 
It could be so much worse. 
Life may not always be as comfortable or as ideal as we would wish. 
But if we look at it the right way, through a fresh perspective - it is ever so beautiful.

 I have realized that -
Just taking a walk can change your whole perspective.
Life is what you make of it. 
You should not take your job for granted for so many other people do not have one.
You shouldn't be afraid to fail. You should be afraid to not try.
You loved more than you will ever know.
You are beautiful just the way you are.
Waiting for someone else to make you happy is the surest way to be sad.

is the single
 most important ingredient 
to living a 


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some things you should probably know

I'm linking up a day late with the wonderfully hilarious Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants for her "Facts of Me" link up. If you don't already read Whitney's blog, you're seriously missing out.  Go check her out now!

FACT - Call me nosy but I love reading facts about other bloggers so I had to write down a few of my own
FACT - To fall asleep I have to have a pillow on top of my stomach and the TV on. Strange I know. If my husband would cuddle with me at night and whisper sweet nothings into my ear this would change that, however I will continue to put a pillow on top of me until he does.

FACT - I still count with my fingers unless I have my cell phone or calculator in front of me
FACT - I blog more at the beginning of the month because  we do not have unlimited internet. That's right...we live in the middle of nowhere outside of town and cannot get it here. Hubby always yells at me about the 2nd week of the month because I am already about to go over our limit. Needless to say he forks out more money each month for my overage charges.
FACT - I am 5'4 but yet I wear a size 9 shoe... I don't get it either. My sisters have the same problem...except my sister that is like 5'9. I wish I had her long legs sometimes, but then again I love being able to wear my tall heels and not tower over most men.
FACT -  I give my dog kisses daily. Even if he does occasionally lick his behind and drinks water out of the toilet.

FACT - It takes me about 7 minutes to fix my hair when I wear it straight - including dry time. Which is why you rarely see pictures of it curled.

FACT - I am NOT a morning person. I will re-set my alarm until it is the last possibly minute to get up and ready for work.

FACT - I would rather shop alone than with a group of people. Call me crazy but that is my ME time and I like to spend as much or little time as I desire. 

FACT - I immediately change into yoga pants when I get home from work. Don't act like you don't do the same thing.

FACT - I wait to schedule a hair cut until I find myself trimming my own spit ends

FACT - Hubby asked me on my birthday if I wanted to go shopping. Normally he wouldn't ask, or I wouldn't hesitate but then I broke the news to him that I treated myself to a nice birthday present to myself. He then threatened to take away my debit card and give me a weekly allowance.

FACT - I do not like confrontation! Even if it is something I am mad about, I usually end up crying.

FACT - Going straight to Google when something is "wrong" with me is the worst thing I could possibly do for my anxiety. Yet I always do it...and Google never fails to tell me I have some sort of disease or cancer...not really but there is always that "possibility"

FACT - I asked my husband if I could be a stay at home wife. He shot that one down real quick

FACT - I would rather watch a 30 min - 1 hour episode of a reality show than sit through a movie. 

FACT - The first thing I usually check in the morning is Instagram follow me @ amber_nicole324 so I can follow you too!

FACT - I am typically shy when you first meet me and might come off a little snotty that way but I promise I am not

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Previously on The Bachelor

Last night went a little like this.
I came home and made dinner then hubby immediately wanted to turn on The Big Bang Theory, per the usual since we are addicted. I told him we could only watch one episode since The Bachelor came on at 7. So we did... then as soon as The Bachelor was coming on he paused it to take a shower. Ahhhh this irritates me so bad. All I want to do is watch The Bachelor on a Monday night. When he gets out we watch for maybe 15 minutes and he gets a phone call and pauses it again. He complains about me watching the show but yet he pauses it so he doesn't miss anything. Sound like anyone you know??
I really need to start doing re-caps that include Hubby's commentary. That's right ladies, my hubby watches The Bachelor with me. It makes me happy. It gives him a reason to watch 25 other women where it is okay because I am right by his side. I kid, I kid, kind of. I'll add in what I can remember he said. Next time I will need to write it down for sure.
On week 3 of The Bachelor....
 The show opens again with Sean lifting weights. This part, I don't mind. Hubby said - seriously what is this all about? This show is about him trying to find love and they have nothing else to film but him working out? I just replied, I kinda like it. - I like making hubby a little jealous sometimes... he got back at me later in the night.
Chris Harrison soon comes with the most coveted date card, the one on one date. and it goes to.......Leslieeeeeeee M. 
How long will love last? - Sean 
Sean arrives dressed somewhat casual with jeans and a plaid shirt on and Ms. Leslie flaunts her stuff with a mini, backless lace dress. Va Va Voom. So cute, but we later find out it is not the most appropriate attire for the afternoon. Sean took Leslie to the Guinness Book of World Record Museum. Such a touristy type of date in the city. She soon learned that Sean took her there not to show off his father's record for driving all 48 contiguous states in the shortest amount of time, 97 hours and 7 minutes.... now they are about to set a record of their own.That's right, Sean and Leslie attempted the longest on screen kiss. Pucker up, it's about to get awkward. It started out cutesy with them kissing, touching, giggling, but it then became awkward when they stood there with there lips just touching, no movement and Leslie's dress inching higher and higher. Hubby's take on this scene - What if he got a woody there in front of all those people on TV. Oh my.... Needless to say, Sean and Leslie broke the previously set record of 3 minutes and 16 seconds and this one goes down in the record books!! Later that evening they head to a rooftop for drinks and a nice conversation. He gives her the rose, they kiss and confetti is set off above them. Hubby said - seriously, this show is such a set up. Confetti?  I really think these two have good chemistry though.

Group Date
  Kacie, Robyn, Leslie, Kristy, Catherine, Taryn, Desiree, Amanda, Lindsay, Daniella, Jackie and Tierra. Who is going to win my heart - Sean
The girls head to the beach for a little fun in the sun but it soon turns into a friendly competition.  The girls are split into teams for a game of beach volleyball and find out the winning team will spend the rest of the evening with Sean and the losing team will not continue the date. Surprisingly it was a close match and came down to the last point. The model instantly starts crying once she finds out she doesn't get her way. Surprised? Me either. In the end, the team that wins includes Desiree, Robyn, Amanda, Jakie, Kacie and Lindsay. That evening Kacie B decides she will be a little "selfish" and tell Sean the conflict going on in the house between Desiree and Amanda. Sean asks why she is even bringing this up and why she is involving herself in it. Kacie soon realizes her little plan backfires and zips it reeeal quick. Lindsey gets the rose that evening and Kacie cries, regretting telling Sean what she did I am sure. I think she has realized she is in the friend zone.
Second one on one date goes to AshLee
 Do you believe in magic - Sean
 Obviously Tierra thought the card was supposed to have her name on it too. She seemed to cause quite a scene when she fell down the stairs, the ambulance came to her rescue and she told them she didn't want to go to the hospital. Meanwhile Sean came to her rescue and they had a lot of one on one time outside while poor AshLee waited and waited until she actually got to go on HER date. AshLee and Sean finally head to their date, a theme park that is secluded however he breaks the news to her that they will be sharing their date with someone. That's right, not one but two other ladies. AshLee soon finds out these are two chronically ill best friends with the same condition that have never met each other in person before. This was absolutely the sweetest thing to see these girls get to enjoy the day together. Sean was impressed with AshLee's compassion and my husband seems to think she will go far in the competition because she is more mature than most the other women and has a kind heart. Sean has one more surprise for her that evening -a private Eli Young Band concert. The two chat a little about family, love and life. AshLee opens up about her adoption story and her being abused as a child. It breaks my heart and even makes Sean shed a few tears. Hubby said Sean is a sissy for crying. I think hubby needs to start showing a little more emotion. I said there is nothing wrong with being a sweet and loving guy. The night ends with her getting a rose and them dancing the night away.
Back and the mansion....
Everyone is stealing Sean away for some one on one time. It is getting a little ridiculous. He can't even say a sentence without someone coming up and interrupting.

Sean wants Sarah to know that even though she didn't get a date this week doesn't mean he isn't still interested. He takes her outside and a limo pulls up. She seriously thought he was sending her home. It was sad until he opens the door and she sees none other than her faithful little fur-ball companion.  

It is rose ceremony time. As Sean holds up the first rose he calls Kacie B. outside. He lets her know that he does not want to lead her on any longer and they are better off as friends. Hubby says he doesn't know why she is there anyway that she can probably get any man... I replied to him well I know who your favorite is!!! He starts stuttering a little and we go back to watching the rose ceremony.

At the end of the night he sends home Kacie B, the model Kristy and Taryn.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Blogger Fail + New favorite product

I was out celebrating for my birthday all weekend and didn't get around to getting my normal Motivational Monday post ready. Blogger FAIL I know. However, you can find me guest posting for Jenn at Going the Distance today talking about my newest favorite product!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Today, I am wearing my Birthday Suit

Today I turned the big twenty fiiiiiiive
Yikes! Where has the time gone? I feel like I was just getting ready for kindergarten ...then before I knew it I was graduating high school, then college... now I am married with a child. Well, those of you that know me know that I adore my little fur baby Bentley like he was a child.  It is crazy how fast time flies by. When you are younger you look forward to being older, out of school, not living with your parents, etc. Now I just want to go back and do it all over again. Well...maybe a few things.

My plans for the day have changed a little bit since so many people are sick with the flu. But I still plan on having a great day.

Brad gets so excited during my birthday it is so sweet. I woke up early to let my dog out and he snuck up behind me and wanted me to immediately open my birthday present from him. Seriously y'all, it is like a kid at Christmas time. It is so sweet. I must say, he did very well this year. 
Hello Canon Rebel

now for those of you with tips and tricks on how to use it, it will be much appreciated.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Partying Like it's my Birthday

It's Friiiiday! The best part about today is that it's the last working day of the week for me - this week anyway. One of the best parts of having a big girl job? Time Off. Paid time off to be more specific. Other great times of the workday include, lunch, 5:30 or Closing time and then there is the best one, Payday! But to get to the reason why I have tomorrow off.. it's my BIRTHDAY! 
This weekend I plan on:
Partying like it's my Birthday
Getting Glitzy
per the usual on your birthday 
Going shopping
because I need another excuse to buy a new outfit
Having a glass of wine or two
I deserve a good glass of vino on occasion
Catching up on a few zzzz's
  caffeine withdrawal is kicking in!
Get back into reading again
I've had the same book on my nightstand for far too long
Now for Friday's Letters
Dear Hubby... 
  I have really enjoyed our nightly time spent watching multiple episodes of Big Bang Theory. Actually I look forward to it each night. How did we not start watching this series years ago? Thank goodness for Netflix.
Dear Caffeine.... 
It is day 3 of no Diet Dr. Pepper. Who knew just one each morning would be such a hard habit to break? By 3:00 I'm ready to crash. #ithinkican
Dear The Bachelor...
Thank you for completing my Monday nights you're just about the only good thing that happens on a Monday. Am I right?
Dear New VS Bathing Suits... 
I adore you pretty little things...but you are just that. Pretty & little. It has made me realize I need to tighten and tone
....tell me about it Honey Boo Boo
Dear Warmer Weather... 
 You were quite the teaser last week at 69 degrees. Then were followed by a few days of rain/sleet/ice. Please do one thing or the other.
Dear Vacation....
  I am SO excited we decided to get married in March. It was really the perfect time if you think about it. Anniversary vacation...Summer Vacation.... Fall Trips.... Holidays.
I am not one to wish my life away, but I do wish I were laying on a nice sandy beach right about now sipping on a cocktail.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Follow along @ amber_nicole324

Rainy day errands to run means I'm pulling out the polo
Relaxing in front of a fire
 We're in love with our new niece

Just picked up Bentley from boarding. Oh how I miss this little man when we are away
He really wanted a drink of wine!

 The ladies in my life. My sisters and two of my nieces

 Yep... gotta get back in the gym. It's so much easier with cute workout clothes

 Weekend trip
Home is where the heart is....and mine is still in Fayetteville!

Date night with the hubby. I should really curl my hair more often

My husband was quite the little stud
 Cuddle time + The Bachelor with my favorite. Perfect ending to a Monday

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bachelor Recap - Free Falling

Things are getting steamy on The Bachelor.... oh wait, that was just what it felt like after watching a little workout session and shower teaser from Sean. I don't know about you all but I don't mind an episode of The Bachelor starting out like that from the man of the season. Can we just forget about the 19 women that are left and focus on him? Kiddddding... kind of. It is clear why most of America is tuning in this season. Now if I could just get him to tweet me back I would be a happy girl.
It's week 2 of The Bachelor and the claws are already coming out. It is time to start getting to know these women and get those dates started.

Chris drops off the first date card, expresses how sincere Sean is....and so it begins.

One on one date
 -Are you ready to fall in love today - Sean
 We then see an appearance from our go-to Bachelor transportation, the Helicoptor.
The two land on the top of a skyscraper and are quickly strapped in. Sarah finds out that on this date they will be free-falling 300 feet. That is the best way to find your life partner, right? This whole taking the plunge for love has been quite the trend in the bachelor seasons.  Luckily the women all partake in this in hope to snuggle up and have a little bonding time. 
Later Sarah expresses a heartbreaking story of trying to go zip lining with her dad to only be told people that are disabled aren't allowed.  He gives her a rose and their love story continues.

Group date
 Kristy, Amanda, Brooke, Lesley M., Daniella, Catherine, Kasie, Robyn, Katie, Selma, Diana, Taryn and Tierra.
Let's Capture the Romance - Sean
Because the first "date" to be on is with twelve other caddy women with push up bras, spanx and lots of lip gloss. The ladies pull up to a beautiful castle and see their prince charming at the entrance. For the group date, the women will be posing with Sean individually in hopes to grasp the cover of a Harlequin Romance Novel.  Of course Kristy, who if you didn’t know is a model, started squealing when she found out it was a photo shoot date.
There are four categories: cowgirls, vampires, historical reenactors and then the "sexy ladies.” Leslie M. - Our Arkansas girl was the first to go. She spiced it up in her cowgirl attire and layed the first kiss of the date on Sean. All eyes were on her - and the claws come out...mainly from Tierra.
 The other ladies took their turns with their photo-shoots.

Shockingly, the professional model turns up the heat dry humping Sean in the photo shoot and wins. People like that irritate me. I hope she goes home soon....also Tierra thinks she one ups her because her hair is natural and Kristy wears extensions.... this definitely makes her a better person, right? Insert Tierra's new signature forehead wrinkle when she gets mad.

Later that evening, Katie desides her hair is really frizzy in LA and needs to go home
The Bachelor is not for her and decides to leave the show. Kacie B speaks with Sean in hopes she is not in the "friend zone" I feel that she still is, either way, Sean is keeping her one more week.
 One on one date
Desiree - Love is Priceless - Sean 
Sean takes Desiree to a fake art gallery filled with $5 pieces of art and hired actors as staff. He decided to pull a prank on sweet Desiree.. if you remember, he pulled a fast one on Emily making her think he still lived at home with his parents. THANK GOODNESS that one wasn't true. With Desiree however, he gets her in a room with a 1.5 million dollar piece that just so happens to fall and shatter with only her in the room. I think she knew it was a set up from the beginning but took the situation well. After that little fiasco, Sean takes her back to his place for dinner and a little hot tub time. 
I love that my husband is willing to watch The Bachelor with me but when he asks me to pause the show because he has to make a work call ... and I wait 25 minutes.... I can't take it anymore.  Claws are coming out in my household!
Back to the show ---- There is a strong connection between the two, especially during their conversations about their parents love, what they want in a relationship and what marriage means to them. They seem to be on the same page when it comes to these things. I think Desiree will make it pretty far in this competition. Sean gives her a rose and she attempts to pull a prank on him but takes it and they make out.

At the cocktail party, Sean makes it a point to talk to all the women that didn't go on a date.
He connects with crazy wedding dress girl Lindsey. The women talk about how odd Amanda is acting. Robin asks Sean if he likes black women. Sean says he dates people of all races obviously he tastes all colors in the rainbow. Catherine says she is a vegetarian but she loves the beef.

After the rose ceremony we say goodbye to Brooke and Dianna.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Motivational Monday

...and I plan on enjoying the rest that I have! 

It's my birthday week! This makes me excited, but anxious at the same time. I can't believe that I will be turning 25 on Saturday. I'm halfway through my twenties y'all! Where has the time gone? What have I done with my life? Where will I be in the next 5 years... Then I will be THIRTY! Oh my gosh I am going to be an old mom if we don't have kids soon!  I'm halfway kidding. You see.... I live in the south. Most people marry their high school sweetheart, get a job, and immediately have children. If you were to log into my Facebook account, you will see most of it is covered in photos of children. Yes, children...not infants or that that are Kindergarten + age. I feel like I am one of the only people out of my high school class that waited to get married and have children. If you really knew me, you would know I adore children. My plan however was to get a degree, a career, a husband and then settle down. Wait, wait... I can't think that way. As I said before I am striving to become a "better me." Thus I must realize that everyone's life plan is different.


Friday, January 11, 2013

That time I got a Michael Kors Watch for over $100 off

Wait, did I just type that title right? Over $100 off a Michael Kors watch? $114 + shipping is what I saved to be exact. Where does this bish shop is probably what you are thinking, right? Well ladies, prepare to have a new web-site addiction...and never buy a watch full price again. Yes... I thought it was too good to be true myself. Once I came across this page and saw the heavily discounted price I thought - these must be knock offs. So what did I do? Google references to see if this place is legit. To my surprise, nearly all the reviews were 5/5. How have I not heard of this before? Discounted prices, free shipping and no sales tax?! I was SOLD. Especially since I have had my eye on this golden beauty for months. I waited to tell y'all until I received this little beauty in the mail to confirm my new find. I couldn't be happier. 
Welcome to my wardrobe 
 This web-site currently has 124 Michael Kors styles plus tons of other brands to choose from.
You're welcome :) 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We Might Need A Rape Whistle

This lady right here is a happy girl. Why you might ask? My Monday nights now include a nice little visit from Mr. Sean Lowe. Last night he actually visited my bedroom since hubby called dibs to watch the BCS Championship game. However, I was not complaining. The time is here to watch a bunch of caddy bishes fight over one handsome guy, run around in nearly nothing, cry, drink to much and cause lots of drama. This guy just happens to be my favorite Bachelor yet. 

Dreamy right?

The program started out a little differently this season. Sean had a little visit from his ex-rival Arie. This was a bit odd, but I found it funny that Arie was giving him kissing and break up advice. After a little introduction to Seans adorably cute family it is time to finally meet the ladies. These girls shocked me a little bit to be perfectly honest. A few of them are craaaaay. 

Memorable Introductions

Crazy wedding dress chick - while after their meet & greet she said "she had balls" and Sean replied "I hope not"

Girl who trips over dress when doing a back hand spring

 50 Shades of Drunk who pulls out a tie and tries to strangle impress Sean with her sexual side. Priceless expression Sean!

Arkansas Girl - hope she represents our state well

The Professional Organizer 

Tierra who I instantly liked - and so did Sean apparently rushing away to immediately get a rose
and then there is Kacie B 

I was impressed with how Sean handled these awkward introductions. 

Side note... I think most of these ladies pulled out their prom dresses from 10+ years ago. What was with the fashion this year, seriously?! Also the Oompa Loompa tans and terrible weaves.

Sean is a total gentleman to everyone regardless of some of their strange remarks and actions. I love that he is doing things a different way this season. He changes things up a bit by handing out roses as he gets to know each woman if he feels a connection with her. Although you could tell the claws were starting to come out once the women started seeing other ladies carrying around a rose before the rose ceremony. Each chance they talked to Sean they were hoping to walk away with the flower sitting on the table in front of them.
The most hilarous comment of the night - Sean saying he needed a rape whistle when he was around 50 Shades lady.

Bless her heart

...until next week my friends


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