Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bachelor Recap - Free Falling

Things are getting steamy on The Bachelor.... oh wait, that was just what it felt like after watching a little workout session and shower teaser from Sean. I don't know about you all but I don't mind an episode of The Bachelor starting out like that from the man of the season. Can we just forget about the 19 women that are left and focus on him? Kiddddding... kind of. It is clear why most of America is tuning in this season. Now if I could just get him to tweet me back I would be a happy girl.
It's week 2 of The Bachelor and the claws are already coming out. It is time to start getting to know these women and get those dates started.

Chris drops off the first date card, expresses how sincere Sean is....and so it begins.

One on one date
 -Are you ready to fall in love today - Sean
 We then see an appearance from our go-to Bachelor transportation, the Helicoptor.
The two land on the top of a skyscraper and are quickly strapped in. Sarah finds out that on this date they will be free-falling 300 feet. That is the best way to find your life partner, right? This whole taking the plunge for love has been quite the trend in the bachelor seasons.  Luckily the women all partake in this in hope to snuggle up and have a little bonding time. 
Later Sarah expresses a heartbreaking story of trying to go zip lining with her dad to only be told people that are disabled aren't allowed.  He gives her a rose and their love story continues.

Group date
 Kristy, Amanda, Brooke, Lesley M., Daniella, Catherine, Kasie, Robyn, Katie, Selma, Diana, Taryn and Tierra.
Let's Capture the Romance - Sean
Because the first "date" to be on is with twelve other caddy women with push up bras, spanx and lots of lip gloss. The ladies pull up to a beautiful castle and see their prince charming at the entrance. For the group date, the women will be posing with Sean individually in hopes to grasp the cover of a Harlequin Romance Novel.  Of course Kristy, who if you didn’t know is a model, started squealing when she found out it was a photo shoot date.
There are four categories: cowgirls, vampires, historical reenactors and then the "sexy ladies.” Leslie M. - Our Arkansas girl was the first to go. She spiced it up in her cowgirl attire and layed the first kiss of the date on Sean. All eyes were on her - and the claws come out...mainly from Tierra.
 The other ladies took their turns with their photo-shoots.

Shockingly, the professional model turns up the heat dry humping Sean in the photo shoot and wins. People like that irritate me. I hope she goes home soon....also Tierra thinks she one ups her because her hair is natural and Kristy wears extensions.... this definitely makes her a better person, right? Insert Tierra's new signature forehead wrinkle when she gets mad.

Later that evening, Katie desides her hair is really frizzy in LA and needs to go home
The Bachelor is not for her and decides to leave the show. Kacie B speaks with Sean in hopes she is not in the "friend zone" I feel that she still is, either way, Sean is keeping her one more week.
 One on one date
Desiree - Love is Priceless - Sean 
Sean takes Desiree to a fake art gallery filled with $5 pieces of art and hired actors as staff. He decided to pull a prank on sweet Desiree.. if you remember, he pulled a fast one on Emily making her think he still lived at home with his parents. THANK GOODNESS that one wasn't true. With Desiree however, he gets her in a room with a 1.5 million dollar piece that just so happens to fall and shatter with only her in the room. I think she knew it was a set up from the beginning but took the situation well. After that little fiasco, Sean takes her back to his place for dinner and a little hot tub time. 
I love that my husband is willing to watch The Bachelor with me but when he asks me to pause the show because he has to make a work call ... and I wait 25 minutes.... I can't take it anymore.  Claws are coming out in my household!
Back to the show ---- There is a strong connection between the two, especially during their conversations about their parents love, what they want in a relationship and what marriage means to them. They seem to be on the same page when it comes to these things. I think Desiree will make it pretty far in this competition. Sean gives her a rose and she attempts to pull a prank on him but takes it and they make out.

At the cocktail party, Sean makes it a point to talk to all the women that didn't go on a date.
He connects with crazy wedding dress girl Lindsey. The women talk about how odd Amanda is acting. Robin asks Sean if he likes black women. Sean says he dates people of all races obviously he tastes all colors in the rainbow. Catherine says she is a vegetarian but she loves the beef.

After the rose ceremony we say goodbye to Brooke and Dianna.


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