Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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Rainy day errands to run means I'm pulling out the polo
Relaxing in front of a fire
 We're in love with our new niece

Just picked up Bentley from boarding. Oh how I miss this little man when we are away
He really wanted a drink of wine!

 The ladies in my life. My sisters and two of my nieces

 Yep... gotta get back in the gym. It's so much easier with cute workout clothes

 Weekend trip
Home is where the heart is....and mine is still in Fayetteville!

Date night with the hubby. I should really curl my hair more often

My husband was quite the little stud
 Cuddle time + The Bachelor with my favorite. Perfect ending to a Monday


  1. I love a squishy new baby to snuggle! Ugh I want one so bad!
    You're a knockout with or without curly hair but geez can you share some of the pretty with the rest of us?! I love your photos and love that you linked up again!
    Have an amazing week girlie!

  2. working out in cute workout clothes is the best ha it's such a motivation to put them on! i could live in workout clothes :) snuggling babies are the best! i clicked on your blog on someone else's because of the title. what a wonderful name for your blog and it's something we all need to do more! happy to have found it and am now following along :) would love if you stopped by mine!

  3. your pup is so adorable! And cute work out outfit, but you look like you are in great shape already!!


  4. You are so pretty and Bentley is too cute! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Not much better than the Bachelor and pets!

  6. Fayetteville, AR?! I'm born & raised in Bentonville :).

    Love all the pictures, and you're so right. Working out is so much more fun in cute clothes.

    Btw, I have an amazing giveaway going on to Social Dress Shop... would love if you checked it out! xo

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget


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