Friday, January 18, 2013

Partying Like it's my Birthday

It's Friiiiday! The best part about today is that it's the last working day of the week for me - this week anyway. One of the best parts of having a big girl job? Time Off. Paid time off to be more specific. Other great times of the workday include, lunch, 5:30 or Closing time and then there is the best one, Payday! But to get to the reason why I have tomorrow off.. it's my BIRTHDAY! 
This weekend I plan on:
Partying like it's my Birthday
Getting Glitzy
per the usual on your birthday 
Going shopping
because I need another excuse to buy a new outfit
Having a glass of wine or two
I deserve a good glass of vino on occasion
Catching up on a few zzzz's
  caffeine withdrawal is kicking in!
Get back into reading again
I've had the same book on my nightstand for far too long
Now for Friday's Letters
Dear Hubby... 
  I have really enjoyed our nightly time spent watching multiple episodes of Big Bang Theory. Actually I look forward to it each night. How did we not start watching this series years ago? Thank goodness for Netflix.
Dear Caffeine.... 
It is day 3 of no Diet Dr. Pepper. Who knew just one each morning would be such a hard habit to break? By 3:00 I'm ready to crash. #ithinkican
Dear The Bachelor...
Thank you for completing my Monday nights you're just about the only good thing that happens on a Monday. Am I right?
Dear New VS Bathing Suits... 
I adore you pretty little things...but you are just that. Pretty & little. It has made me realize I need to tighten and tone
....tell me about it Honey Boo Boo
Dear Warmer Weather... 
 You were quite the teaser last week at 69 degrees. Then were followed by a few days of rain/sleet/ice. Please do one thing or the other.
Dear Vacation....
  I am SO excited we decided to get married in March. It was really the perfect time if you think about it. Anniversary vacation...Summer Vacation.... Fall Trips.... Holidays.
I am not one to wish my life away, but I do wish I were laying on a nice sandy beach right about now sipping on a cocktail.


  1. Hope you have a great birthday, why stop at one or two glasses! pretty sure i love everything about this post, honey boo boo always knows!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, lady! I love this post too. I needed a good laugh this morning!

  3. Have a wonderful birthday!!!!!!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have an amazing time :D
    I'm making a list.. because I have quite a few things to comment on :D
    1. I saw a huge lifted Dodge yesterday with a huge BAZINGA decal on the windshield! I thought it was brilliant. I love that show :D
    2. Netflix is amazing!
    3. About the Bachelor - I am mad.. I had to turn my cable off and missed the episode on Monday, so I couldn't read your recap. Color me very sad. I'm going to have to find it online so I can come back and read your post haha.
    4. Vajiggle jaggle HAHAHA!

  5. Omg those clips are killing me!! haha
    Happy Birthday!!! Have a great weekend

  6. I love those little clips, have an amazing birthday, sounds like you've sorted yourself out a class weekend!

  7. Happy Birthday! This post was pretty darn cute and those clips are so funny!!! haha! Found you form the friday letters blog hop! You can find me here:

  8. I love that I got married in February for the same reason! Just when you're so sick of winter... it's vaca time! Happy Birthday tomorrow, have a fabulous weekend!!!

  9. i think i just died laughing through this post ha. HAPPY BDAY girl! I'm so happy i found your blog through the blog hop:) cant wait to read more! xo


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