Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Previously on The Bachelor

Last night went a little like this.
I came home and made dinner then hubby immediately wanted to turn on The Big Bang Theory, per the usual since we are addicted. I told him we could only watch one episode since The Bachelor came on at 7. So we did... then as soon as The Bachelor was coming on he paused it to take a shower. Ahhhh this irritates me so bad. All I want to do is watch The Bachelor on a Monday night. When he gets out we watch for maybe 15 minutes and he gets a phone call and pauses it again. He complains about me watching the show but yet he pauses it so he doesn't miss anything. Sound like anyone you know??
I really need to start doing re-caps that include Hubby's commentary. That's right ladies, my hubby watches The Bachelor with me. It makes me happy. It gives him a reason to watch 25 other women where it is okay because I am right by his side. I kid, I kid, kind of. I'll add in what I can remember he said. Next time I will need to write it down for sure.
On week 3 of The Bachelor....
 The show opens again with Sean lifting weights. This part, I don't mind. Hubby said - seriously what is this all about? This show is about him trying to find love and they have nothing else to film but him working out? I just replied, I kinda like it. - I like making hubby a little jealous sometimes... he got back at me later in the night.
Chris Harrison soon comes with the most coveted date card, the one on one date. and it goes to.......Leslieeeeeeee M. 
How long will love last? - Sean 
Sean arrives dressed somewhat casual with jeans and a plaid shirt on and Ms. Leslie flaunts her stuff with a mini, backless lace dress. Va Va Voom. So cute, but we later find out it is not the most appropriate attire for the afternoon. Sean took Leslie to the Guinness Book of World Record Museum. Such a touristy type of date in the city. She soon learned that Sean took her there not to show off his father's record for driving all 48 contiguous states in the shortest amount of time, 97 hours and 7 minutes.... now they are about to set a record of their own.That's right, Sean and Leslie attempted the longest on screen kiss. Pucker up, it's about to get awkward. It started out cutesy with them kissing, touching, giggling, but it then became awkward when they stood there with there lips just touching, no movement and Leslie's dress inching higher and higher. Hubby's take on this scene - What if he got a woody there in front of all those people on TV. Oh my.... Needless to say, Sean and Leslie broke the previously set record of 3 minutes and 16 seconds and this one goes down in the record books!! Later that evening they head to a rooftop for drinks and a nice conversation. He gives her the rose, they kiss and confetti is set off above them. Hubby said - seriously, this show is such a set up. Confetti?  I really think these two have good chemistry though.

Group Date
  Kacie, Robyn, Leslie, Kristy, Catherine, Taryn, Desiree, Amanda, Lindsay, Daniella, Jackie and Tierra. Who is going to win my heart - Sean
The girls head to the beach for a little fun in the sun but it soon turns into a friendly competition.  The girls are split into teams for a game of beach volleyball and find out the winning team will spend the rest of the evening with Sean and the losing team will not continue the date. Surprisingly it was a close match and came down to the last point. The model instantly starts crying once she finds out she doesn't get her way. Surprised? Me either. In the end, the team that wins includes Desiree, Robyn, Amanda, Jakie, Kacie and Lindsay. That evening Kacie B decides she will be a little "selfish" and tell Sean the conflict going on in the house between Desiree and Amanda. Sean asks why she is even bringing this up and why she is involving herself in it. Kacie soon realizes her little plan backfires and zips it reeeal quick. Lindsey gets the rose that evening and Kacie cries, regretting telling Sean what she did I am sure. I think she has realized she is in the friend zone.
Second one on one date goes to AshLee
 Do you believe in magic - Sean
 Obviously Tierra thought the card was supposed to have her name on it too. She seemed to cause quite a scene when she fell down the stairs, the ambulance came to her rescue and she told them she didn't want to go to the hospital. Meanwhile Sean came to her rescue and they had a lot of one on one time outside while poor AshLee waited and waited until she actually got to go on HER date. AshLee and Sean finally head to their date, a theme park that is secluded however he breaks the news to her that they will be sharing their date with someone. That's right, not one but two other ladies. AshLee soon finds out these are two chronically ill best friends with the same condition that have never met each other in person before. This was absolutely the sweetest thing to see these girls get to enjoy the day together. Sean was impressed with AshLee's compassion and my husband seems to think she will go far in the competition because she is more mature than most the other women and has a kind heart. Sean has one more surprise for her that evening -a private Eli Young Band concert. The two chat a little about family, love and life. AshLee opens up about her adoption story and her being abused as a child. It breaks my heart and even makes Sean shed a few tears. Hubby said Sean is a sissy for crying. I think hubby needs to start showing a little more emotion. I said there is nothing wrong with being a sweet and loving guy. The night ends with her getting a rose and them dancing the night away.
Back and the mansion....
Everyone is stealing Sean away for some one on one time. It is getting a little ridiculous. He can't even say a sentence without someone coming up and interrupting.

Sean wants Sarah to know that even though she didn't get a date this week doesn't mean he isn't still interested. He takes her outside and a limo pulls up. She seriously thought he was sending her home. It was sad until he opens the door and she sees none other than her faithful little fur-ball companion.  

It is rose ceremony time. As Sean holds up the first rose he calls Kacie B. outside. He lets her know that he does not want to lead her on any longer and they are better off as friends. Hubby says he doesn't know why she is there anyway that she can probably get any man... I replied to him well I know who your favorite is!!! He starts stuttering a little and we go back to watching the rose ceremony.

At the end of the night he sends home Kacie B, the model Kristy and Taryn.


  1. Love the recap!! My dad watches the Bachelor with my mom and secretly likes it but would never admit that to his guy friends :) haha!

    Love your blog!


  2. Im still trying to get my boyfriend to watch the Bachelor with me. So far it's been useless. I even tried enticing him with the girls...haha

  3. my fiance watches too. his pick to win is leslie m. i really enjoy your commentary. i was going to blog all of my thoughts during the show last night...and as i re-read them i decided they are all slightly inappropriate! oops.

  4. I hope Tierra goes home soon!!


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