Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some things you should probably know

I'm linking up a day late with the wonderfully hilarious Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants for her "Facts of Me" link up. If you don't already read Whitney's blog, you're seriously missing out.  Go check her out now!

FACT - Call me nosy but I love reading facts about other bloggers so I had to write down a few of my own
FACT - To fall asleep I have to have a pillow on top of my stomach and the TV on. Strange I know. If my husband would cuddle with me at night and whisper sweet nothings into my ear this would change that, however I will continue to put a pillow on top of me until he does.

FACT - I still count with my fingers unless I have my cell phone or calculator in front of me
FACT - I blog more at the beginning of the month because  we do not have unlimited internet. That's right...we live in the middle of nowhere outside of town and cannot get it here. Hubby always yells at me about the 2nd week of the month because I am already about to go over our limit. Needless to say he forks out more money each month for my overage charges.
FACT - I am 5'4 but yet I wear a size 9 shoe... I don't get it either. My sisters have the same problem...except my sister that is like 5'9. I wish I had her long legs sometimes, but then again I love being able to wear my tall heels and not tower over most men.
FACT -  I give my dog kisses daily. Even if he does occasionally lick his behind and drinks water out of the toilet.

FACT - It takes me about 7 minutes to fix my hair when I wear it straight - including dry time. Which is why you rarely see pictures of it curled.

FACT - I am NOT a morning person. I will re-set my alarm until it is the last possibly minute to get up and ready for work.

FACT - I would rather shop alone than with a group of people. Call me crazy but that is my ME time and I like to spend as much or little time as I desire. 

FACT - I immediately change into yoga pants when I get home from work. Don't act like you don't do the same thing.

FACT - I wait to schedule a hair cut until I find myself trimming my own spit ends

FACT - Hubby asked me on my birthday if I wanted to go shopping. Normally he wouldn't ask, or I wouldn't hesitate but then I broke the news to him that I treated myself to a nice birthday present to myself. He then threatened to take away my debit card and give me a weekly allowance.

FACT - I do not like confrontation! Even if it is something I am mad about, I usually end up crying.

FACT - Going straight to Google when something is "wrong" with me is the worst thing I could possibly do for my anxiety. Yet I always do it...and Google never fails to tell me I have some sort of disease or cancer...not really but there is always that "possibility"

FACT - I asked my husband if I could be a stay at home wife. He shot that one down real quick

FACT - I would rather watch a 30 min - 1 hour episode of a reality show than sit through a movie. 

FACT - The first thing I usually check in the morning is Instagram follow me @ amber_nicole324 so I can follow you too!

FACT - I am typically shy when you first meet me and might come off a little snotty that way but I promise I am not


  1. I'm totally guilty of counting on my fingers and also setting my alarm 15 different times in the morning because I DO NOT want to get out of bed. Mornings are seriously the worst.

    I want to be a stay-at-home-wife too.... if you figure any plans to make that work, keep me in the loop! ;)

  2. I love these facts! We have a lot in common!

  3. I just came across your blog. I am totally in love! :) I also check instagram in the morning while I am drying my hair! You can follow me here....

    I will add you on instagram as well!

    Carley C.

  4. Isn't nosiness (sp?) what reading blogs is all about? haha we have quite a bit in common! New follower :) I will follow you on Instagram.

  5. Well, this has shown me that we have a lot in common! I always count on my fingers, love tv but am not a movie person, am a total hypochondriac (made much worse by google and WebMD!), hate mornings, and check instagram before anything else. I'll have to find you on there!

  6. I am dying that you bought your own bday present!! I love it!! I may link up:)

  7. I always prematurely diagnose myself with serious diseases too. Thanks alot google!

  8. i love to shop alone as well... going at my own pace and having a little me time. and i am SO not a morning person, either!

    loved the list... so fun learning a little more about you!

  9. I like shopping by myself best too! I hate getting stuck in Forever 21 for hours with a group!

    =) Brooke

  10. Sometimes I find myself counting with my fingers when I don't have a calculator handy, I'm so afraid of messing up haha!
    I have the same shoe problem! I'm 5'1 with a size 7.. the rest of my short family is all in 5's! What the heck.
    I'm in my yoga pants right now haha :D

  11. I am the same way with TV vs. movies. It drives my husband nuts. I blame it on my short attention span. Glad to know I'm not the only crazy one out there. Happy Friday!!

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