Friday, January 11, 2013

That time I got a Michael Kors Watch for over $100 off

Wait, did I just type that title right? Over $100 off a Michael Kors watch? $114 + shipping is what I saved to be exact. Where does this bish shop is probably what you are thinking, right? Well ladies, prepare to have a new web-site addiction...and never buy a watch full price again. Yes... I thought it was too good to be true myself. Once I came across this page and saw the heavily discounted price I thought - these must be knock offs. So what did I do? Google references to see if this place is legit. To my surprise, nearly all the reviews were 5/5. How have I not heard of this before? Discounted prices, free shipping and no sales tax?! I was SOLD. Especially since I have had my eye on this golden beauty for months. I waited to tell y'all until I received this little beauty in the mail to confirm my new find. I couldn't be happier. 
Welcome to my wardrobe 
 This web-site currently has 124 Michael Kors styles plus tons of other brands to choose from.
You're welcome :) 


  1. Um... one word.


  2. this excites me!! :) where is the one you got for $118?! I can't find any MK that cheap!!

  3. Your an absolute saint, I'm definitely checking out this website.
    And good choice with the watch!

  4. Wow! That is a crazy savings!! I am going to have to check that site out ASAP!

  5. Did you know Fossil makes MK watches? Also Armani, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, etc... so if you have a Fossil outlet nearby, you can get these brands on the cheap!

  6. Yes, I am with what you think. And with that many people have mentioned.



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