Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 When we tune in to watch The Bachelor, it is always a given to see the front man many times without his shirt. The opening segments of this season have been pretty predictable. Sean working out or showering. This time, hubby happened to walk in and see Sean in his boxer-briefs. He immediately said WTF is this show coming to? 

Again... I didn't mind.
Moving on to the dates....
Let's turn up the heat 

Selma is anxious and excited about her date with Sean. She is curious as to what they will be doing as they pull up to a private jet with a red carpet leading the way. As they are arriving at her destination, she notices she is in the middle of the desert and immediately says great - take an Iraqi to the desert. I don't know about you, but did she seem whiny to anyone else? It was constantly one thing after another - the desert, heat, heights, rock climbing, dating, her mother, etc. etc. etc. I thought it was nice that she accomplished her fear of heights and enjoyed the date after she reached the top. Later that evening, Sean took her to a trailer park {classy} and they sit outside and talk about how they wish they could kiss but her culture doesn't allow those kinds of things - or something like that - and she could only kiss him if she was the last girl he chose. News flash - I doubt he will keep you around that long if he can't kiss you. He seemed to enjoy her company, however, and gave her a rose.
  Group Date
Lindsey, Robin, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, Ashley, Sarah and Tierra
I'm looking for a woman who can roll with the punches. 

These ladies are in for a treat when they get all strapped into their roller derby gear. Tierra is ready to pounce on some bitches. Sarah is feeling overwhelmed and physically at a disadvantage. Amanda lies and tells everyone she has done this before then falls and busts her face and has to go to the hospital. Sean calls off the competition and they stroll around the rink a few times then get ready for the evening part of the date. The evening date gets heated when Tierra gets all emotional and is threatening to go home. She finds Sean and talks with him about how she doesn't like drama {even though she is the cause if it} and he talks her in to staying. The other girls are floored when Sean gives Tierra a rose to get her to stay. 

It was a Tierra-ble night for everyone but Tierra.
Leslie H.
Could this be forever? 
Leslie was also handed a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings with her date card. This set the tone for how glamorous the evening was going to be. He took her out in a fancy sports car, shopping where she tried on all kinds of fancy dresses until she found one that was fitting. They then visited Neil Lane to select the perfect necklace to complete the look of her outfit. 
She gets a dress, shoes, a bag and jewelry. So she has to return the necklace, but she can keep everything else, including the earrings. They have a nice dinner, good conversation, but Sean wasn't feeling a romantic connection with her. He ended up sending her home and not continuing the rest of the evening. 
Cocktail Party + Rose Ceremony
Lots of the same stuff as always - she always get's time with him, kissing, more kissing, a little bickering, then there is Tierra, Robin tries to turn on Sean about tasting her chocolate, he really hits it off with Catherine
Amanda is sent home.
Not surprised....she was a little weird to me. It was just something about her. 
Not. for.him


  1. I LOVED the Tierra-ble comment during the show--super fitting!
    And, an update. The boyfriend watched the entire 2 hour show (ok, I watched and he looked at the internet on his Kindle....but it's a start!)

  2. HAHA! SO true Sean is always in his underwear or shirtless!! Tierra needs to go!


  3. Hahah, loved your recap! As much as I hate Tierra, she does keep the show interesting. My mom said last night that "Sean is too vanilla" and I kind of agree - he's a little boring to watch!

  4. Amanda was a werido. glad shes gone!


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