Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We Might Need A Rape Whistle

This lady right here is a happy girl. Why you might ask? My Monday nights now include a nice little visit from Mr. Sean Lowe. Last night he actually visited my bedroom since hubby called dibs to watch the BCS Championship game. However, I was not complaining. The time is here to watch a bunch of caddy bishes fight over one handsome guy, run around in nearly nothing, cry, drink to much and cause lots of drama. This guy just happens to be my favorite Bachelor yet. 

Dreamy right?

The program started out a little differently this season. Sean had a little visit from his ex-rival Arie. This was a bit odd, but I found it funny that Arie was giving him kissing and break up advice. After a little introduction to Seans adorably cute family it is time to finally meet the ladies. These girls shocked me a little bit to be perfectly honest. A few of them are craaaaay. 

Memorable Introductions

Crazy wedding dress chick - while after their meet & greet she said "she had balls" and Sean replied "I hope not"

Girl who trips over dress when doing a back hand spring

 50 Shades of Drunk who pulls out a tie and tries to strangle impress Sean with her sexual side. Priceless expression Sean!

Arkansas Girl - hope she represents our state well

The Professional Organizer 

Tierra who I instantly liked - and so did Sean apparently rushing away to immediately get a rose
and then there is Kacie B 

I was impressed with how Sean handled these awkward introductions. 

Side note... I think most of these ladies pulled out their prom dresses from 10+ years ago. What was with the fashion this year, seriously?! Also the Oompa Loompa tans and terrible weaves.

Sean is a total gentleman to everyone regardless of some of their strange remarks and actions. I love that he is doing things a different way this season. He changes things up a bit by handing out roses as he gets to know each woman if he feels a connection with her. Although you could tell the claws were starting to come out once the women started seeing other ladies carrying around a rose before the rose ceremony. Each chance they talked to Sean they were hoping to walk away with the flower sitting on the table in front of them.
The most hilarous comment of the night - Sean saying he needed a rape whistle when he was around 50 Shades lady.

Bless her heart

...until next week my friends


  1. ohhh my gosh we had like twinsy posts today, I totally felt the same way about every single girl!

    total crazies!

  2. I don't watch this show but after your recap I just might have to start!! This is too funny! What in the world possesses girls to act this way?!?! HA! Makes for great tv that's fo sho!

    Lots of Love,

    The NB

  3. Haha, I've never watched the Bachelor before but all my friends love it! Maybe it's time I finally check it out :)


  4. HAHA loved this! I missed it last night and I'm so bummed because the first episode is always the funniest!

  5. love this! i'm working on a bachelor post of my own right now :) just found your blog and i love it!


  6. haha u have written really well...had to laugh!
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  7. Sean is my favorite Bachelor too! I was a little disappointed when he decided to do the show, but I'm not complaining that I get to see him every Monday night now! ;D


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