Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Bikini Body... Where are you? It will be beach time soon. God, please let me wake up one day and be rail thin. Dear Friday.... Thank GOODNESS you are FINALLY here and I have a 3 day weekend. Hallelujah! It couldn't have came at a more perfect time. Dear Work... If you don't start picking up soon I am going to go absolutely crazy. Dear Mamaw... It makes me happy when you call me and want to have a "girls weekend" full of pampering. Of course I can't say no to that! Dear Diet Dr. Pepper.... It has been 17 days since we have parted ways. I can definitely tell a difference and so can my waist line. Dear Daylight... It makes me happy that the days are finally starting to become longer. It being dark when I get off work has been depressing. Dear Big Bang Theory... Thank you for bringing many laughs to our household. I enjoy that QT with my hubby. Dear new camera.... I hope to test you out more this weekend. Dear readers.... If you have any special tips and tricks for the Canon Rebel t3 please feel free to share :)  


  1. HAHA! Love that GIF! Happy Friday!! xoxo

  2. kudos to you for kicking the diet addiction. & thank goodness for longer days.

  3. I am jealous of your 3 day weekend!

  4. OMG, that guy is hysterical! Love it!

    Stopping by from "Friday's Letters"!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  5. New follower from Friday's Letters. I have the canon rebel t1i and love it. Best advise is just to play around with it and don't be afraid to try different things. There is also lots of great resources on the internet to help you!

  6. Oooh, new camera! Congrats babe, so much fun :) I got my t1i a few years ago, and adore it - right now I am wondering if you need to recalibrate DSLRs? I feel like it doesn't take the same quality picture as it did before.. hmm.

    And darling, if you figure out how to be rail thin without too much work, let me know, k?? :)

    Happy Weekend!!

  7. Yay! Congratulations on the new camera! I had a Canon Rebel XSi when I first bought a DSLR. I love the whole Rebel series. I recommend that you watch YouTube tutorials. They help so much! :)

    I'm so ready for warm days and longer daylight! I have the winter blues! I found your blog through Kristal! It's beautiful. You seem so genuine, sweet, and FUNNY! I can't wait to read more. :)


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