Wednesday, February 6, 2013


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Wishing I had one of these in my hands right about now
  Weekend fishing trips with the hubs

 Cookies fresh out of the oven and hubby wanted me to try out our waffle maker. Nothing like trying out a wedding gift nearly a year later. Now he wants them all the time
 This happened.
Hubby likes my long locks.

My lil man is quite the spoiled thing + a watch dog at that

 A few new purchases. Spring colored scarf and emerald necklace

 Perfect reason to buy the dress on the right plus I got my IG friend's approval
Looks like I am ready for warmer weather to try out these new shades!


  1. Love that black dress! It looks amazing on you!

  2. your makeup is amazing! and those polish's are great colors!

  3. Following you right now! Cute necklace!

  4. Seriously, could you be any more gorgeous?!?! So unfair :) I love the dress you picked out too!!

  5. Love the sign and love the dress!

  6. Bentley is the local neighborhood watch dog! Chloe has her 'patrolling' hours too. Silly little dogs!

  7. What polish are you wearing in the starbucks photo?? I love it! That sign is something I tell myself whenever I want to shop . . . too bad it's not the truth!!
    I asked my hubs for the green danielle earrings but now I'm thinking I need the white ones! Decisions decisions

    Thanks for linking up!!


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