Monday, February 25, 2013

Motivational Monday

Mondays always represent a new beginning to me. 
I think that is why I find myself  trying to make them as uplifting and motivational as possible. I may sound a little too optimistic at times but I too have my doubts.  

Let's talk about confidence

 Confidence is the one accessory all women should wear
Once you have confidence you will feel like you can conquer the world 
Having confidence, at times, does not come easy. 
Life is going to disappoint you. 
You will find yourself a little down because of what society expects of you
There are pressures surrounding you from all angles to be "perfect"

We all have those moments
That "lonely" or "alone" feeling 
That "I'm not pretty" feeling
That moment where you want to be like "_____"
That moment where you would like to lose X amount of pounds
That moment where you feel like a busted can of biscuits in an outfit
That moment where you wish you were 5 inches taller or a couple sizes smaller

In reality we need to look past those moments, stop criticizing ourselves and start focusing on all of the positive qualities we possess.  
So what if......
You aren't a size 2
Have a voluptuous figure
A little cellulite
Thick thighs 
Stretch marks 
A "bump" on your nose
Have a noticeable scar
Don't have the "perfect" smile
Your stomach isn't perfectly flat
Boobs that are too small (or big)
Have to wear a pair of spanx (or two)
Have split ends and dark roots
Can't take off that baby weight as fast as the celebrities can
 These are things you have to accept.  
Things that make you YOU
Things that make you the uniquely beautiful person you are 

I’ve had my fair share of feeling insecure because of silly reasons… as probably every one of you reading this have also had. There are times where you have to stand up for yourself. 

Simply changing the way we view ourselves is the biggest obstacle to overcome. Self-esteem affects  many aspects of our lives. When you lack self-confidence, it is nearly impossible for others to have true faith in you. 

Sometimes all it takes is for a man to tell you "you're beautiful" to pick you up. 
Why is it that we seek recognition from others to feel proud of ourselves?

 We need to practice telling ourselves that we are beautiful.
No matter what size you wear, how much you weigh, or what imperfections you have 
They make you You
and YOU are beautiful

Embrace your flaws.
Remind yourself of your strengths, talents and parts of yourself that you love.
At the end of the day it is not how other people see you, it is how you see yourself. 



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