Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sweet Memories

As our 1 year wedding anniversary is quickly approaching, I can't help myself but to reminisce on the year we have shared together. I am still slightly obsessed with all of our wedding photos - which is why you see it in every piece of social media I am a part of. 
When I started planning my wedding I knew what the most important thing to me was. It wasn't the dress. It wasn't the perfect pair of wedding shoes. It wasn't the size of my wedding cake or having the best DJ at the reception. It was who I chose as my wedding photographer. But it's just pictures, right?! WRONG! After your wedding is all said and done, your pictures is what you have to look back on. Sure you have the memories.... The dress.... and some of the decor stashed away in closets. Looking back on your wedding pictures is what re-creates those memories. So why not chose the photographer you know will create the photos you will be proud to look back on and not just hire someone who has a camera?
I have heard so many terrible stories and complaints when it comes to wedding photography. When it came to choosing my photographer, I just knew it was going to be Miles Witt Boyer. The best advertising is word of mouth and I have not heard one bad thing about Miles. I knew couples that used him, saw plenty of photos published, not to mention how I could not stop looking at all the gorgeous photos he had posted on his web-site and Facebook. I knew it had to be him when I began planning my wedding date around his availability. I believe we switched our dates 3 times just to be able to use him. After seeing our engagement photos (here and here) it made me even more excited to get in my wedding dress to take bridals and then our wedding photos. Miles is not the kind of photographer that just comes, snaps a few pictures and leaves. He leaves a lasting impression on you by getting to know you, your fiance, your family, your style, what type of images you want and he instantly becomes not only your photographer, but your friend. He makes you feel comfortable behind the camera and I couldn't recommend anyone else for you to use if you are searching for that perfect photographer to capture your special moments.

Miles has put together an album of his favorite images from 2012. Out of the thousands of photos, he chose 11 from my engagement, bridal and wedding. It would mean so much to me if you would stop by and like his page to vote. The winning couple gets a photo album or photo shoot and each photo that gets more than 100 votes gets a print credit.  It would truly mean a lot to me if you would stop by and help us win! 
 Here are a few in the running:


 Please, please, please go vote


  1. It's been 2 years and I still have tons of our wedding photos in my social media! I love love LOVE them and it captures such a special time in our lives:)

  2. You are pulling at my heart strings, gorgeous!
    You know I'm a sucker for wedding anything right now. And you and your dress were the PERFECT match! :) I hope to be half as bautiful as you on my big day!

  3. Gorgeous!!! I completely agree with you - my photographer was the most important thing I chose for our wedding. I love pictures and that is how we would be able to remember our wedding day forever. And then I hired a videographer (VERY last minute) and can honestly say that was the best money we spent. The video shows the emotions/excitement that are a little harder to see in the pictures (even though every time I look at the picture of me crying while I'm trying to say my vows it makes me tear up). Your pictures were stunning! You chose an awesome photographer!

  4. I love love love your wedding photos and am on my way to vote for you!!

  5. I wish I had spent a little more time (and money) on picking a wedding photographer. I like ours but just don't love them. I'm so glad you had a photographer who's pictures you adore!


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