Sunday, March 24, 2013

365 days of marital bliss

With tiny tears that glistened, my eyes were fixed on you,
And thinking of the life we'd share, we softly said "I do".
Our hearts were knit together from the 
Time that we first met,
And memories were gathered, that we
Will never forget.
While daily living life with you, you saw the real me, 
And still you chose acceptance, 
A lifelong mystery.
With many happy days gone by,
And others when we cried
Some days we'd share so endlessly,
While other days we'd hide.
With all the ups and downs we've had,
In learning to be friends,
I know that in this heart of mine,
I'd marry you again.  
 -Anne Peterson
 One year ago today....
I spent my last moments as a Miss getting ready with all these pretty ladies

One year ago today....
I put on the most beautiful dress I will ever wear

One year ago today......
I was anxiously waiting until it was my moment to walk down the aisle
One year ago today....
I became a wife. 


One year ago today....
I gained a new brother & an amazing set of second parents
and my parents gained a new son.


One year ago today.....
We shared our first dance to Train's "Marry Me"
.....I have smiled every time I have heard it since the wedding

  One year ago today....
I had the time of my life dancing the night away at our reception

One year ago today...
I became Mrs. Cullipher and I thank God for each and 
every single day he has given me with this amazing man.
 A year has passed since the day we married.  Easily the best year of my life.  Because you were right there next to me. Thank you for an incredible first year of marriage. I wake up happy because you are there by my side.  I look at you and wonder how you are mine.   Thanks for choosing me and for continuing to choose me everyday.  If these past 365 days are a sign of what's to come over the course of our lifetime, then I can't wait to see what's in our future.
Thanks for all those sweet everyday nothings  - they really are more than just "nothings".  It is those little things that mean so much to me.   You have made my days so much brighter.  Thanks for including me in every decision, big or little.  For wanting my happiness above your own.  You are always thinking of me and always wanting the best for us. That might be your best quality....  but it's hard for me to pick. 
Marriage to you has given me a sense of calmness and peace I did not have a year ago.  Thank you for that.  It looks like you are rubbing off on me.  Even if it is just a little, I'll take it.   We may not be perfect, but we are perfect for each other and that is all that matters.  You truly are a dream come true. Thank you for putting up with me and for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for being my very best friend. I thank God for you
I love you. Always.
-your wife


  1. This is such a beautiful post
    Happy Anniversary

  2. Happy Anniversary!! This post made me tear up thinking of my wedding<3 Beautiful!

  3. Happy Anniversary, your photos are beautiful!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! Every time you post a wedding picture I am just blown away by how gorgeous you looked!! Congrats on 1 year... and many more to come!

  5. Such a wonderful post!! Being less than 7 weeks away from my wedding, I can't wait until I get to write a post like this!!!


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