Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's Letters

Happy Friday Loves
My morning started out with a sinus headache and knocked my coffee off my desk as soon as I got to work.
Hoping it gets better.... 
until then I have a few letters to share  
 Dear Momma....

I hope you have an ah-mazing birthday today!
 Dear Spring....
I am anxiously awaiting your arrival. These warmer, longer days are making this girl happy, happy, happy. Not to mention the grass getting greener and a few new purchases like this new Gianni Bini purse. Ladies, seriously run to your nearest Dillard's to pick this beauty up. They are already sold out of this color online and this bag just makes you swoon the second you see it. Just looking at it makes me happy.
 Dear Duck Dynasty.....

You are back on and that makes this girl ---

My soon to be sister in law sent me this photo and it pretty much sums me up

 Dear Bentley....
I just love you to pieces but I have never met more of a diva dog than this one. This little thing does not like to even tinkle when it is wet outside, much less take a bath. as soon as he gets out he runs around the entire house jumping and rolling on things until he is completely dry.  It just makes my day.

Dear Adele....
 I just love you and couldn't agree more.
Dear Readers.....
Don't forget to place your vote for my photographers Best of 2012 contest. You can click one of the photos on my side bar to the right and like his Facebook page to vote. 


  1. Love your letters!
    Come link up over at my blog too for Friday's Letters!!!

  2. That purse. Seriously. Amaazzzzinnngggg.

  3. My dog does the same thing! He will stay still (kind of) for a bit while I blow dry him, but he goes back and forth between standing there and taking it, to rubbing his face and body on the carpet, and then taking off running around the place before he'll come back. It's a process I tell you! haha

  4. Love your blog! Feels like spring time (: Happy Birthday to your Momma!! Duck Dynasty is seriously one of my favorite shows!! Another redneck show I am obsessed about it Buckwild. Makes you want to live with them. So carefree and well wild! I hope you have an amazing weekend hun ♥

  5. I feel the same way about spring! Love the purse!

  6. Happy Happy Happy! Hilarious.. Need to set my DVR again..

  7. aww your puppy is precious!
    and yes please spring, PLEASE COME!!!

    ps: I'm new to your blog and I totally LOVE your design! SO PERFECT! These are some of my favorite colors.

  8. yes to spring and yes to duck dynasty being back on! they SERIOUSLY are the funniest!!


  9. I'm so excited that Duck Dynasty is back!! I can't get enough!!

  10. loving that bag..perfect for springtime!!

  11. Stopping over from Friday Letters! Great letters, have a great weekend!

  12. Oh My! I need that purse! Seriously, so cute! I'm dying for Spring too. :) I think I need to find out when an episode of Ducky Dynasty will be on because I've NEVER seen an episode.

  13. Hope you day has gotten better!!
    Happy birthday to your momma :D
    I freaking love Duck Dynasty! Those guys are beyond hilarious.
    Hope you have an amazing weekend.

  14. I have a dog named Bentley too!!

  15. Love Duck Dynasty... makes me happy too!! Love your post :)

    Jayma @

  16. Okay now I neeeeed to go to Dillard's to pick up that bag - OMG. So cute.


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