Monday, March 18, 2013

Motivational Monday

Life can be a bit of a burden at times

It seems like when something bad happens, other terrible things follow.
 Things that prevent us from moving forward.
Things that prevent us from reaching our goals.
Things we keep replaying in our mind.
Things we can't get over. 

No matter how hard we work to do things the right way, something seems to happen that snatches our dreams away, or has a negative affect on you.

 Some people easily get over those life changing moments or the negative labels that are stamped on them. Life changing moments such as - the breakup, the divorce, the job you didn't get, the job you lost.  Negative labels such as - being too slow, too fat, not smart enough, not pretty enough

Some people are able to look past these moments and continue to move forward and better themselves. To not let what happened in the past affect their decisions in the future. To overlook those negative labels and people that said they would never be good enough or amount to anything. To prove those negative/jealous people wrong.

While many of us cannot just "get over it"
We replay those moments in our mind
We listen to those who say we can't and don't prove to them that we CAN
We waste time and energy on these negative things

If this happens, take a good look at yourself in the mirror and say, “get over it”.

Sometimes setbacks can be a blessing in disguise
That small thing that didn't go your way brought something to your life that you never saw coming
 Sometimes things fall apart so better things can fall together
Things don't always happen the way you imagine, but they always seem to find a way of working out

When a setback happens in your life, don't give up
Stay positive
Stay motivated
Get through it
Don't give up
Get over it

Don't live your life saying one day you'll take a step of faith. One day you will get your life straightened out. One day you'll go back to school. One day you will apply for that job. Do not live for waiting for that day. Start doing what you know to do today. Life is short and time is flying by. You can't afford to put off what God has in your plan. You don't have time to let things hold you back. Let today be your new beginning. Sure, there is always a chance you will fail. But there is also a chance you will succeed. Our opportunities that God brings across our path are not always going to be there.  Take that chance. Decide that today you are going to make changes.


  1. You have NO idea how much I NEEDED to see this today. Thank you girl!

  2. I really needed this today. It's been a rough day. Thank you!


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