Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday's Letters

 ...I wish I could say I was back on the beach writing letters in the sand

Dear Readers...By now you have probably forgotten who I am. I'm sorry that I was basically gone from blogging all week. After that emotional roller-coaster of a week last week I needed to relax a little bit.  Dear Work.... Can we please have a little less negativity? Just a little. That is all I'm asking for.  Dear New Baby Cousin.... You are absolutely the most precious little thing. Ever. I could literally hold you all night. Then proceed to hand you back to your mother when you want fed, need changed or start having a fit. Dear Mother in Law.... I know what you are trying to do getting me to go see the baby every day. Be patient please. Dear Spring Cleaning..... You really need to happen soon. I was off to a good start...then how much is it to hire a good cleaner?? Dear Vacation.... Wait, I just took one. It hasn't been long since I have been back from our 1 year anniversary trip and I already feel like I need another vacation. Dear Brad... Please read the following letters and focus on one right before yours including the vacation. Dear Weather.... Can you please cooperate so we can get to pouring our back patio. Every time we are going to have someone come out you decide to rain. That is all :) 


  1. I could say the exact same about the negativity and the vacation! Hope you have a great weekend lady!

  2. gosh I'm longing for a vacay too- work is killing me right now, so I know how you feel! Our weather here has been pretty crazy too, super hot this whole week then suppose to get way cooler next :( Hope you have a good weekend girl! xo

  3. Oh I could use a little less negativity at work too! Stopping by from Friday Letters. New follower

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