Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Grown Up Wish List

As we grow older, our wish lists begin to change a little bit. Sure I will always want a new outfit, shoes, purse and jewelry.... but if you had to ask me now what is on my wish list the answers would be very different
Currently on my grown up wish list:
  • Larger living room rug
          ...hopefully ordering today :) 
  • Extended back patio 
          ....hubs is crossing this one off my list as we speak

  • Outdoor fireplace
          ...and while we are at it an outdoor kitchen, a TV, and a swimming pool
          ....I know this isn't happening anytime soon but a girl can have a wish list, right?

  • New living room furniture 
  • A large tufted headboard 

*all images via pinterest 
What is on your grown up wish list?


  1. Great wish list! I could use that pool too!!

  2. Ok...can I just copy and paste your wish list?!?!? Love all of the above!

  3. Those are all on my wish list too!

  4. I got one word.

    ditto :)

  5. I am dying to have an outdoor kitchen/pool/fire pit. DYING!

  6. I would love to have a new couch, & while we are at it, a living room large enough to fit more than the small love seat I have now!
    I was just thinking about what I could possibly put on a birthday list this year - maybe cash is the way to go!


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