Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Bank of America.... 
I am highly upset with you for cancelling my debit card without my consent due to "irregular debit card activity." I do not in any way see how a $5.55 purchase at Hardee's or a $42 purchase at our local grocery store would raise a red flag. I mean... I try to stay away from fast food and all but I didn't think THIS would happen.Not having a debit card for 5-7 business days is a HUGE PROBLEM. is like dooms day over here, especially with me going out of town this weekend. Thank goodness my CC is okay. Bank of America, I am about to cancel YOU.

Dear Brad....
 If you spill ONE more thing on our new custom couch pillows it will not be pleasant. Please be a little more careful...two accidents in one week is not okay.

Dear New Sweet Baby Cousin... 
Your arrival was a little earlier than expected but you are absolutely precious. Welcome to the world Andrew Ellis West. I can't wait to love on you and rub on your sweet little baby feet again soon.

Dear Diet.... 
You go so well until your husband asks you to do something like bake a chocolate cake. 

Dear Squat Challenge.... 
I am loving you so far. Day 10 means 105 squats today. My booty is beginning to thank you.
Dear Fayetteville.... 
I am excited to go back and visit this weekend in honor of my sister's college graduation. Oh how I miss this town so.


  1. That's weird that they canceled your card like that! I'd be pissed too! Your baby cousin is too cute. I missed my squats the last two days. Space cadet over here. I'm gonna get back on track today though!

  2. That really sucks that they cancelled your card like that, we've gotten a call from our bank once when we were doing a lot of shopping.. but they didn't cancel it because we were able to tell them what was going on.
    Aw what a sweet baby!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend :D

  3. Oh, wow! I would have a fit if they had done that without my consent. Red Flag, there!

    Have fun in Fayetteville!

  4. Wow I would be pissed about my debit card!


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