Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Wife, Happy Life

I truly believe in that statement. 
Happy wife, happy life. 
It makes sense if you think about it really. 
 I don't know about you but I do a lot for my husband. If you think of a good ol' southern traditional marriage we are pretty much that.  I clean the entire house, have dinner ready when he gets home, do all the laundry, the ironing, all the shopping, and even wait on my husband hand and foot (well at times I feel that way)... I do it all. Except I do everything AND still have a full time job. This is the realistic definition of a real housewife. Not the vino drinking, drama filled, high maintenance girls that don't lift a finger around the house that I make sure and DVR in case I miss it real housewives.
When it comes to certain things, I know what I want. I also know that I won't be happy until I get it. That might sound a little spoiled. Maybe I am. But I work hard for what I get. 
 After typing out and posting a few things from My Grown Up Wish List I am happy to say that I have already crossed off many of these in the past week. It always feels good to put that little line through something you complete.
 I have a new living room rug (and bathroom rug, I couldn't resist.) 
We extended our back patio and the concrete is drying as we speak. 
 ...now I need to put out all my patio furniture, get some big pots, more plants and lay sod.
And I am happy to say that I have narrowed it down to a few headboards I want to get; however, I am trying to decide on what fabric / color to go with. 
Another thing on my grown up wish list I didn't share with ya'll was more landscaping. Although I didn't put that in my blog post I added over 25 plants around my house last week. Yes ya'll I did it myself. I guess I get a little bit of a green thumb from my Mom. She is obsessed with gardening/landscaping. I wouldn't go as far as to say that about me but I want some good curb appeal when I pull into my driveway.   
Bentley just thought he was helping! I love that he always wants to be where I am. I got all the plants in the ground and Brad added  new bark to all of our flower beds. Yay!

New Rugs
Extended Patio
 It feels good to able to cross a few things off of my list.
...I even got a new dining room table while I was at it   

The above picture is so true.
While there are many things I still want to splurge on, I have come to realize that I want to make my house more of a home. While many of the things I want cost a little more than say a new outfit, I love being able to invest in nice things that will last.


  1. I really like the rug you got for your living room! Totally goes with the rest of the colors in there

  2. I love your entire living room! I wish I had an "eye" to create something like that!

  3. Wow girl... can I come for a visit? Your house is SO pretty!!!

  4. I love it all! I need to get myself and Mr Howie a living room rug. Bentley is such a cute little helper too!

  5. The rug is perfection!!! LOVE your house!

  6. We are so much alike! I take care of every aspect of our lives and work full time. All my husband does is go to work. And Im completely happy with that. Because this is how us southern bells were raised. We take care of our husbands first. The bible also tells us to put our spouse above all. And that we do! Your home is gorg! Im coming to visit next week! I cant wait to meet sweet little Bentley!

  7. I am in LOVE with your living room! I love the way you decorate!!

  8. ohh my gosh I LOOOVE your living room it is adorable!!!

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