Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm the Kind of Girl

I'm the kind of girl who
 ...... rarely leaves the house without makeup
...... prefers wedges or heels compared to flats

......likes for everyone to get along and be happy

......always thinks of a good comeback when it is too late

......who smiles at and compliments strangers because I know it will make their day better
...... is honest when you ask me my opinion
...... loves - love quite at first until I get to know you

......likes cooking but hates doing the dishes

......still gets butterflies when I see my husband
...... would rather not say something than say something I regret when I'm upset

......loves reality TV (no shocker there)

......hates math and I still find myself counting on my fingers at times addicted to online shopping

......loves my dog like he is my child

......has at least 6 lipstick colors in my purse at all times. 
...... has to fall asleep with some kind of noise on

...... is not a morning person, but hates being late

...... loves a good challenge

...... loves dressing up but changes into yoga pants as soon as I get home from work

......cleans/organizes when I am upset (who does that?!)

......will wait until I am trimming my own split ends to call and make a hair cut appointment

......doesn't know what I want to be when I "grow up"

...... is terrified to have children but adores them
...... was fortunate enough not to need braces but still hates my smile ( completely self conscious about it)

......enjoys the spring and the fall but the winter is too cold and the summer is too hot

...... wishes I still had a "summer break"

......never had a "bad" relationship in my past

...... is a problem solver ...even when it isn't my own problem

...... prefers going shopping alone (that's my ME time)
...... always feels better with sun-kissed skin

...... wrote more of these than I intended to
What kind of girl are you? 


  1. This was cute! I'm super self-conscious about my smile too but too cheap to fix it. And my Aunt cleans when she's feeling stressed or upset. Cracks me up!

  2. WOW. I thought I was the only one who cleans and organizes upset!

  3. i feel like we could be wedge walking, makeup wearing, sun kissed, organizing, and problem solving twins right now.

  4. um..are we the same person?? hahahah I felt like I was reading about myself...we would totally be besties IRL. lol ;)

  5. love it! we are very very similar! :)

  6. I also come up with comebacks after the fact. I'll be sitting there thinking about it later that night and think of all the things I wish I would've said.
    Lot's of these apply to me too!

    Thanks for sharing,

  7. Can I just say that I agree with over half of these! I love your honesty!

  8. I am so bad at comebacks... after I get 'dissed, I try to think of one until I come up with a good one & then wish I could have gotten that dish in the moment, not days later! Basically, I agreed with all of these!

  9. Totally addicted to online shopping too. Love a bit of glamour in my life too, big hair, lots of make-up and heels are the way forward

  10. What a wonderful list! I'm the same when it comes to comebacks, I always think of awesome ones.. way after the fact. Ugh. I totally count on my fingers too :D We have quite a bit in common!
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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