Thursday, May 2, 2013

My ass has hail damage

Well guys I have come to a conclusion. It is almost bikini weather and this girl has got to get her butt into gear. What happened to the girl that was in the gym for at least 2 hours 6 days a week? Oh right... those were my single college days and an excuse to meet people. Well those days have come and gone. I have a big girl job, a husband and an ass that has hail damage. Okay so not really hail damage but I could definitely use some toning back there. 
 but come on....
It's officially the 2nd day of May and the 3rd day of my squat challenge. So far so good! 
Yesterday Brad met me at work real fast and as I walked out he asked me to please not wear the pants I had on again. I asked why and he said they were too baggy.
....and then he became my favorite person.

My diet really isn't an issue...seriously
a trip to Wal-Mart looks like this in my household 

 but then again - we all have these moments
which often make us feel like we just ruined our entire week.

Then there are these crazy wrap things I am selling that give me results like this
 PS I just got a new shipment in so if you want one contact me ASAP I can't keep these in stock!! Or order HERE
and a month later my pants fitting like this
and then having those days where you just feel like a busted can of buscuits!
 Oh the joys of being a woman


  1. A busted can of biscuits... describes it perfectly!

  2. Ok. I love this post! I love the pictures and I love that the wrap's results are still there. I wondered about that. I too am trying to fix my "hail damage."

  3. I may need you to talk to me a little more about these wraps ...

  4. I feel like a can of busted biscuits. Going now to eat cookie butter & whine about how I hate being a woman.. Lol. I'll get back on the whole diet thing when aunt flow leaves next week. #hatethatgirl

  5. I definitely feel like a busted can of biscuits most days, and oh man does my ass have some hail damage ;D

  6. This post literally cracks me up!! Love it!!


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