Friday, June 7, 2013



Marriage is one of the greatest things you can share with someone. 
As I sit back and think about my first year of marriage I can honestly say it has been wonderful. You hear many things about marriage.... Most people have the impression that everything changes when you get married. This is only the case if you let it. Brad and I lived together for several years before getting married. We took this time to adjust to how things would be as husband and wife. While many people are against this, I believe that doing so will allow you to figure things out before saying I DO. So many people think that if it doesn't work out there is always divorce. I am strongly against that. You must think about WHY you married that person. WHY you fell in love with them. WHY it is worth working out. There are times that I still can't believe I'm a Mrs. I still can't believe I have a new last name. While it takes a little while to get fully adjusted to writing your new last name on everything, and switching everything over (which I still have not done) It begins to seem normal. Your new name is fitting. It seems as though that is what your name has always been. Marriage is a huge commitment and the commitment between each other is incredible. I always know I have someone to count on and be there for me whenever I need. I have someone to share my life with. Through the good times and the bad times, he is there with me along the way. He is there to comfort me, take care of me, stand beside me. Naturally when you are married everyone begins to ask you when you will have children. I absolutely adore children. Always have. I do want children of my own and I know Brad does too but every time I try to bring up that sweet little subject with him he tries to change the subject. I am 25 years old. In the south that is getting "old" when it comes to having a baby. Every time I pull up my Instagram or Facebook it is always pictures of my friends children or people finding out they are pregnant. Each time I look at blogger there is someones weekly bumpdate {which I love to read about and see your progress} Sure I get excited for everyone. Sure I love seeing all of these posts and pictures. But a little piece of me wants that too. I told Brad that I want to have my first by 27. I think that is a good age. We have been together for 6 years now. We have had "our time." Maybe not as much as being a married couple, but 6 years with someone is a good amount of time to have to yourselves.  Brad has two cousins that just had baby boys a month a part so I am able to get my baby fix when I want then hand them back to their mommas. Now if I could not get him to freak out when I bring up having a little one.


  1. I love this post!! I agree with you on living with your partner before getting married. it's a good way to see if you can live with him/her or not, it's kind of like a test!

  2. Your little one will be so adorable!
    And I can't wait to experience marriage. I'm getting there! An as far as babies- we aren't waiting long. I'm 29 so there's not much time TO wait. :S

  3. I could not agree with you more, and its so funny how similar our stories are... greg and I lived together before we were married, too. while everyone doesn't support that, it made sense for us and I am so glad that we did... marriage was not a huge adjustment, and being together almost 7 years now I feel like we are ready to bring a baby into the mix. brad will come around, sometimes it just takes guys a little bit longer ;)

  4. Marriage really is the best!


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