Monday, June 3, 2013

Motivational Monday

Over thinking often leads to negative thoughts. One negative thought leads to another...and another...and before you know it you are letting those negative thoughts get in the way of doing things. If you have moments like those, I want to encourage you to not let those negative thoughts take over your life. 
 Do you have negative thoughts?...
You are always fearing the worst
You focus on the negative part of a situation
You talk down upon the negative things about a person rather than the positive
You're cautious about everything because of what might happen
You're suspicious about things

Do you find yourself thinking...

I can’t do it
It will never get better
I want to but...
I can’t trust ___
I'm not going to do this for ___ because they did ____ to me
One day I'll...
It's too late
I'm not good enough

Eliminating those thoughts...

Doing good for someone else
Accepting the past
Surrounding yourself with positive people
Striving to achieve realistic goals
 I hope you all have a positive week and choose to replace those negative thoughts you might have with a positive thought.


  1. Great article!I usually check my level of negetivity with my feelings.If I am feeling low than I always ask myself whats bothering and how can I change it.
    And surrounding with positive people,I feel as long as I generate positive feelings, I will attract positive people in life!
    Wish you a positive week ahead :)

  2. This is such a wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing this :D I definitely need to start thinking positive!

  3. Looove! {{I have a Bentley fur baby too!}} Linking up today. Thanks for hosting! New follower and Twitter follower too.



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