Monday, June 24, 2013

Motivational Monday


 Life is precious. You only have one life to live - so how will you choose to live it?
The quality of your life is determined by your thoughts and your actions.
If you take life each day with worry, doubt, or disappointment - your life will be filled with frustration.  If you do things daily to barely get by - you will do just that. 
When your thoughts are open and positive, your actions follow and in result your life will feel more fulfilled. Your quality of life is not based so much on what you have. Rather, it depends on how you choose to view it and how you choose to live it. Think of every moment as an opportunity. Every day is a chance to be the best person you can be. You are not guaranteed tomorrow, so be the best possible version of you today. Let life happen and savor each moment along the way. As you do what you do, whatever it may be, enjoy the moment you’re in. Whether the day is bright or gloomy, whether your surroundings are comfortable or coarse, there is always something to savor. Rather than worrying too much about what is next, pay more attention to what is going on in this moment. 



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