Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

 I have this never ending to-do / to-buy list in my mind. Two years ago, Brad and I built a home and it seems like there is always something else I am wanting to do to it - even knowing this isn't our "dream home" or we might not even be living there in the next two years. There always seems to be something I am wanting to add or something I already have that I want to get rid of and start new. Then sometimes I fall into this spending freeze when I feel like I don't "need" any of these things. That I need to be happy with what I have. Then the materialistic part of me gets back on the internet and starts ordering more. Sometimes it frustrates me! I know I should be more thankful for the things I am fortunate enough to have, but hey - we work for a reason, right? Dang you materialistic world.

Do any of you ever feel this way?


  1. I feel this way every day. Ironically I was just talking to my boyfriend about this same situation last night. About how I need to stop spending money on things I really don't need because we want to save for a house, yet I do it anyway. I need to work harder on not spending every dang penny I earn.

  2. I love this print, it's so so true!!


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