Monday, July 22, 2013

Motivational Monday

For life to ever be good, you must choose to see it and live it as good right now. Live what you love, and love what you live. Anything less is a painful and frustrating waste of your precious time. Whatever is going on in your life that you do not like.... move on and get over it. If you keep your doubts and negative feelings bottled up inside, they eventually gain control of you.

You can hope for the best, and though your hope points you in a positive direction it cannot get you there on its own. What will get you there is to use this moment, right now, in a positive and effective way.

Rather than wishing for things to be different, work to make things better.
You have the power and the resources to make life good now
Choose to make it that way.

Put all of your heart and drive into into your work, into the big things and the all the little ones. 

Live what you love. 
Give the power of your attention and action to it, and you will come to love it even more. Love what you live, and each thing you do gives you a true way to express real joy.
Love your life unconditionally, live it fully, and experience it on the highest, most truthful and beautiful level.



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