Monday, August 19, 2013

Motivational Monday

 ...  Some people might wonder why I am always quiet around them ...
I kid.
Kind of.
I am the type of person that would rather NOT say anything, than to say something to hurt someone else's feelings.
Before you say something, think about how you would feel if someone said it to you. 
You could be having a great day until someone says that one thing that can completely turn your day around. That one thing can stick with you. That one thing you say, you will not be able to take back.
Saying things without thinking them through can be hurtful to the recipient of those words as well as you.
  Why take the chance to hurt someone? 


  1. I 100% agree with you! That's why I'm quiet a lot of the time too!

  2. Love that print!!! SO true. :)


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