Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Live a little

Each day at work I always have to write the date down several times. October 1, 2013. Wait, is it already October? Where did this year go? It seems like we were just ringing in the new year, celebrating my 25th birthday in January and then a few months later celebrating my 1 year wedding anniversary. Wait, have I already been married a year? Well now it has been year and a half. Wow, the year is nearly over. Soon I will be TWENTY-SIX! Where are my twenties going?!!
It has been 7 years since I packed my bags from my parents house and moved into my dorm at the University of Arkansas. You think when you are in high school you are ready to graduate, move out and get to college. Then you graduate, get married and get a grown up job. Well, I did and if I could I would go back and re-live those days in a heartbeat. Freshman year was incredible. I absolutely felt "at home" in Fayetteville. Though I went though a breakup with my high school sweetheart and dated a few frogs after him, it was a learning experience. I casually dated but never really had that connection that I did in my previous relationship & honestly I wanted things work out if I could but we were just in two different points in our lives in two different locations. Fast forward to the spring and I start dating someone I was absolutely crazy about. Unfortunately, that was short lived and he ended up moving out of state. I was honestly heart broken but to my surprise, just a few days later I met the man who would later become my husband.It was many months before I could actually "commit" to our relationship. I just didn't know if I could do it. Another long distance relationship? This is why both of my previous relationships ended. What would actually keep this one together? Well, it turned out that even though we were miles apart, he was about to graduate and then he would be moving to Fayetteville so that made things easier and gave us something to look forward to. My sophomore year flew by. Every weekend I was either traveling out of town or awaiting Brad's arrival. We never missed a weekend. Ever. So while most of my friends were attending all the fun parties, I was fitting in everything during the week and then dropping everything to spend time with my boyfriend on the weekend. Yeah, I was THAT girl. But it worked out and those were the BEST 4 years of my life.
 Not only did time fly by those 4 years but so have my twenties. Um...am I really 25? I'm only 5 years from THIRTY! The idea of "growing up" takes us over when we are younger. We can't wait to get in middle school, then high school, then move out, then COLLEGE! Then our goal is to graduate and find a real job making real money and if we are lucky, find our Mr or Mrs right while we are at it. Why do we all try to rush it? You get in a relationship and everyone wonders when you will be engaged...you are engaged and everyone wants to know when the wedding is...you get married and everyone wants to know when you will have a baby. Now that I am 25 and all those said things (minus the baby) are over, I sometimes wish I was 18 and starting the process over again. You know - be the girl again who is not so stressed, who studies the night before the exam, who is involved in everything and still has a job, who doesn't mind if the house isn't perfectly cleaned, the one who will stay up as late as possible, who goes out and stays out late then is at her 8:00 class. But now... I am the one who is often stressed, who prepares for presentations in advance, who goes to work then comes home and has another full time job cleaning and cooking then is ready for bed at 10. What happened?! I'm in my twenties, married and with NO children. I have come to realize that this is in a sense how you are supposed to behave at this stage of life. Sometimes I get so caught up in the day to day things that can be exhausting to just live a little. It's great to have a real job and to be responsible. But, we have to remember that we are still young and can still live a little.


  1. I love this post! I needed this reminder. And 25? You're still a baby. I'd give anything to be 25 again instead of 29.

  2. great post Amber!! I for sure know how you are feeling. It is so crazy how we rush rush rush to grow up and then all of the sudden can't believe that we have finally become "Adults"...and wish those younger days hadn't gone by so fast!

  3. So true! Sometimes very hard to remember to live in the moment (get it?) but so important! And Manda is right, you are just a baby!

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