Monday, November 25, 2013

Motivational Monday

giving {THANKS}
Life is filled with wonderfully abundant things, yet that abundance is not always apparent. Thankfulness makes the abundance that is already there evident and available.
It is easy to be thankful when everything is going good, when there are no difficulties, when everything is going your way. It is through those dark and difficult times that we look past those things in which we have to be thankful for. For being truly thankful enables you to look past those hardships. To see and appreciate for what is always there, even through the most difficult times.
It is often times like this week, the week of Thanksgiving, that you begin to "be thankful," or "give thanks" when we need to realize that there is always something to be thankful for.
 May the things you already have in your life become more evident to you as you  spend time with your loved ones this Thanksgiving.



  1. Ohmigoodness I love that chalkboard print! So cute! I definitely need to get it printed and and put in one of my frames :)

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  2. Love that we were on the same page today!! :0)

  3. Love this!

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  4. Just what I needed! love your blog.

  5. lovely :)

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